Revolving Sail Bridge

Revolving Sail Bridge in Mongolia

Design: Margot Krasojević Architects

Innovative pedestrian bridge design proposal for Ordos government. The bridge can sail – using a carbon fiber triple sail – into any location along the river or be moored using Caisson foundations, on the Wulanmulun River, Mongolia.

Heliostat Sand Turbine Hotel

Heliostat Sand Turbine Hotel in Mongolia

Design: Margot Krasojevic

The Gobi desert has a dry prevailing Westerly wind which choreographs a shifting landscape, reforming dunes and redefining ecological terrains. The Gobi’s extreme climate and latitude contribute to the nature of the wind currents.

National Archaeological Museum of Mongolia

National Archaeological Museum of Mongolia

Design: Barna Architects

Barna Architects’ first prize-winning proposal of The National Archaeological Museum of Mongolia international architecture competition.
The National Archaeological Museum of Mongolia is a multifunctional complex, containing research, educational, and exhibition space, and offices as well, all in all, making it the building floor area 50,000 sqm.

Buddhist Temple Ordos Monhgolia building design

Buddhist Temple Ordos

The project has been commissioned by the city of Ordos. It is an open Buddhist temple located on the outskirts of the Ordos desert, an area that is currently used for meditation and religious ceremonial offerings, Mongolian Buddhist rituals dictated the design.

Theme Park Ordos, Mongolia Design

Theme Park Ordos, Mongolia Design

This project, commissioned by Mr. Fong Yun Gao, is a meeting are for exhibitions as part of an Urban Theme Park in Ordos. The structure will be set within an urban park acting as a public promenade and open-air foyer providing shelter to the rest of the site.

Ordos 100 Villa Mongolia – Slade Architecture

Ordos 100 Villa, Building, Architect, Image, News, Masterplan, China, Designer Ordos 100 : Villa Design Mongolian Architecture Project – design by Slade Architecture, architects 19 May 2009 Ordos 100 Villa Inner Mongolia, China Design: Slade Architecture Ordos 100 Villa Mongolia SITE STRATEGY The masterplan proposes an exhibit of very large houses each encircled by a…

Erdos Museum, Mongolia – MAD Architects

Erdos Museum, Ordos Building, Design, Architect, News, Gobi Desert, Masterplan Erdos Museum Mongolia : Ordos Architecture Contemporary Mongolian Architecture – design by MAD, Asia 16 Mar 200i9 Erdos Museum Building 2008- Architects: MAD On site – new images 16 Mar 2009: Erdos Museum photos 1+2 by MAD; 3 by Shu He Project Summary: Erdos Museum…