Irekua Anatani House, Avandaro, Mexico

Irekua Anatani House, Avandaro, Mexico

The name Avandaro comes from native language that means ‘place of the orchard’. Irekua Anatani translates as ‘family house under the trees’. The site contains mature woodland. The design by Broissin Architects celebrates the splendor of living under trees.

Tadeo 4909

Tadeo 4909 in Puebla

Designed by Proyecto Cafeína Tadeo 4909 is a building that takes place in a high-growth zone of the city, seeking out to offer an urban, expressive and custom housing. It consists of 8 two-level lofts, each of which is distinct to the others.

Agatha Tower

Ágata Tower in San Pedro Cholula

Designed by Proyecto Cafeína this building’s land use is residential and it is erected from the parking lot upwards to its 7 levels as an element whose shape results from the desired directions, both towards the volcanoes and towards the Cholula pyramid.

As Offices Building in Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico

As Offices Building in Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico

The building design concept by as Arquitectura & R79 was to create architecture presented as the firm’s signature image, with a simple contemporary emerging from a white prism that starts unfolding; truly representing everything that the office lives, and allowing users to enjoy its great spatiality.

Niop Hacienda Hotel, Champotón, Mexico

Niop Hacienda Hotel, Champotón, Mexico

This interesting hotel building design by as Arquitectura & R79 changes the conceptualization of the traditional Mexican hacienda. A discreet new architectural language embraces contemporary boutique hotel ideas but respects ancient traditions.

Casa SFA

Casa SFA Torreón

The SFA house is a refurbishment project. Architects Arqmov Workshop initially advised a new project, given previous unfortunate refurbishment work on the home, which was 30 years old. The property was stripped its original structure.

Social Housing for Rural Mexico

Social Housing for Rural Mexico

Mexico’s Institute of the National Fund for Workers’ Housing select six SCI-Arc faculty to finalize designs addressing housing needs in a variety of environmental and economic climates across Mexico.

Casa Nirau library stairs and living room

Casa Nirau in Mexico City

Design: PAUL CREMOUX studio

By mimicking orientation strategy and a very simple functional diagram, the new construction relinks to the notion of history and accustomed-living behavior patterns.

Casa DTH

Casa DTH in Zapopan

Design: Elias Rizo Arquitectos

The DTH house can be understood essentially as a pair of distinct volumes that enclose the most important elements of the program and are joined at the center by a circulation block.

LoMa Chapalita

LoMa Chapalita in Guadalajara


On an emblematic avenue in Guadalajara, a short distance from a city landmark in the heart of a cosmopolitan area, this building rises in an attempt to become a reference in Guadalajara’s cityscape.