The Sail Towers Hotel

The Sail Towers Hotel in Puerto Cancún

Two pairs of white, skeletal towers designed by DNA Barcelona in Puerto Cancún. The organic-shaped buildings – in plan and section – are strongly articulated through the rhythm of their balconies. Hotels, condominiums, shopping mall, time shares and retail are present.

Foro Boca in Veracruz

Foro Boca in Veracruz

Designed by Rojkind Arquitectos Foro Boca fits within a master plan that seeks to revitalize an urban area that is currently deteriorated. It is located in the estuary of the river, location that not only gives name to the locality, but also has a rich history and culinary tradition.

Casa Ithualli, Monterrey

Casa Ithualli, Monterrey, México

Miró Rivera Architects unveils latest project in Monterrey, Mexico: Casa Ithualli, a modern residence that will be raffled off on Friday, December 22 in a nationwide lottery to raise money for college scholarships. Previously raffled buildings were by Alberto Campo Baeza and Tatiana Bilbao.

Vía Vallejo in Ciudad de México

Vía Vallejo in Ciudad de México

A mixed-use project design by Grow Arquitectos integrating commercial, residential, health services and a hotel. The architects set the 3 levels out of plumb, surrounded by public space with terraces and restaurants.

Villa Jardin

Villa Jardín in Ciudad de México

This apartment project, designed by ASP Arquitectura Sergio Portillo, is located on the lower level of a building on Mexico City’s west side. It generates a dialog between the newly constructed building and its environment, interweaving the project with its landscape and unifying indoors with outdoors.

Bora Residential Tower

Bora Residential Tower in Mexico City

Construction works have begun on the, Zaha Hadid Architects designed, Bora Residential Tower in Mexico City. Commissioned in 2015 by Nemesis Capital, a Mexican company committed to building new communities of the highest standards, the tower is within Santa Fe.

Casa AR Mexico City House

Casa AR Mexico City House

Remodelling by ARCO Arquitectura Contemporánea: the house is off plumb at the center of an irregular lot. Demolition brick is the finish, combined with black corrugated profile aluzinc blades to create contrast.