600 Collins Street

600 Collins Street in Melbourne

Design: Zaha Hadid Architects

185-metre tower building: Mandarin Oriental, Melbourne will contain 196 guestrooms and suites. There will also be 148 Residences on the tower’s upper floors. The bar has a landscaped roof terrace.

St Joseph Housing

St Joseph Housing in Abbottsford

Architects: KUD

The St. Joseph project is a luxury residential development situated in Abbottsford, Victoria. Due to its historical significance the site has become part of the cultural landscape within the area, demanding a highly responsive and respectful design outcome.

Monolith House

Monolith House in Melbourne

Design: Rara Architecture

Our mission was to reinstate the old home’s glory through highlighting it’s simplistic characteristics and its overall form. We stripped it right back to a neutral state.

Albert Park House

Albert Park House in Melbourne

Architects: Hindley & Co

The relationship of the house, studio and garden needed to be harmonised to all three’s mutual benefit. Ceilings were raised, views were framed, spaces were decluttered and simplified. All made way for the black and white drama that ensued.

Upper West Side

Upper West Side Development in Melbourne

Design: Cottee Parker Architects

The Upper West Side project is a precinct in itself, a vertical suburb. In a prominent location at the edge of the city, the sculptural presence of its towers is analogous to sentinels guarding the city’s centre.

House of Correction

House of Correction in Melbourne

Design: ZWEI Interiors Architecture

Working within the context of an existing CBD building, the design strips back the built layers and exposes the site’s history and amplifies this to create narrative and connection within the interior space.

Glass Link House in Melbourne

Glass Link House in Melbourne

Architect: Robbie Walker

The owners of this property spent about a year and half using the attic as their bedroom. They had to go up and down a ladder five times a night to a newborn baby. So, they decided to add a master bedroom pod for a very, very deserving mum.