Gateways to The Gold Coast

Gateways to the Gold Coast

Design: LOT-EK

The successful design for the “Gateways” major public art commission, by New York-based LOT-EK artists Ada Tolla and Giuseppe Lignano, was revealed today by Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate and Commonwealth Games Minister Kate Jones.

Lauriston House

Lauriston House in Kyneton

Design: Seeley Architects

A deep engagement with the expansive and undulating rural context of the house was the starting point for the design of the Lauriston house, with a design response that simultaneously buries into and leaps from the hilly landscape near Kyneton Victoria.

Hardwood House

Hardwood House in Daylesford

Design: Adam Kane Architects

Externally the building was designed as two timber-clad gabled forms, believed appropriate for the area. These pitched-roof forms were referenced internally with high raked-ceilings which create a great sense of volume whilst reminding the occupant of their setting.

Heller Street Park and Residences

Heller Street Park and Residences in Brunswick

Design: Six Degrees Architects

This project explores a new model of medium density housing that utilises disused, contaminated land for public and private use. The site (a former tip) is remediated, and developed into a new public park with ten generous town houses at its rear.

North Warrandyte House

North Warrandyte House in Victoria

Design: Alexandra Buchanan Architecture

This bold contemporary home perches high above the Yarra River at North Warrandyte on a raised plateau nestled amongst dense native bushland. View corridors and solar orientation directly influenced the building’s position and arrangement.

Irwin House

Irwin House in Fremantle

Design: MSG Architecture

Simple materials, strategic windows and a transition space between old and new make this little add on perform well beyond it’s modest footprint.

Louttit House

Louttit House in Lorne

Design: James Stockwell Architect

Built high on the amphitheatre surrounding Louttit Bay, the Louttit house challenges the typical expectations of a renovated home with bold, yet sensitive addition the Lorne streetscape.

Ingoldsby House

Ingoldsby House in Anglesea

Design: Seeley Architects

Quietly impressive and looking as if it belongs in the coastal vegetation, the Ingoldsby House is a sensitive response to a coastal site that required special consideration.

Pix Residence in Adelaide

Pix Residence in Adelaide

Architects: Sans-Arc Studio

Functional and rational, the addition is open yet inclusive – a singular communal space. Opening to the north, it pays homage to the sun, creating a light-filled, happy space.

Meakins Road Residence

Meakins Road Residence in Flinders

Design: B.E Architecture

Set on 100 acres in coastal Victoria, this site was bare of vegetation except for a 100-year-old row of Cypress trees. The design was based around a series of sunken walled courtyards to create immediately useable outdoor areas in the windswept environment.