Park Cottage in Hawthorn

Park Cottage in Hawthorn

In Bryant Alsops Park Cottage the interior is unexpectedly spacious and light, compared to its darker Victorian origins and 1970s additions that are hidden. This helps create a sense of depth and journey into an otherwise relatively small house.

The Wasley in Perth

The Wasley in Perth

Through intelligent design and cleverly placed additions, this heritage home by architects Dalecki Design was transformed into a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home. The central living area is one large entertaining zone, and social spaces flow easily into the outdoors.

Project Phillip Island

Project Phillip Island in Victoria

The design and build project by Modscape evolved from a pragmatic response to the challenges of occupying an exposed coastal site. The house shape design acts as a barrier to often extreme winds, protecting the external courtyard tucked in behind.

Greenland Centre Sydney Balcony

Sydney Architecture: NSW Buildings

Sydney building news – A decision by the New South Wales government not to heritage list the Sirius public housing building was invalid, a court has ruled. The Brutalist-style building in Sydney’s Rocks district will now get a second chance.

Smallfry Seafood

Smallfry Seafood in Adelaide

Architects: Sans-Arc Studio

Smallfry Seafood is an off-beat, inner city fish and chipper with a Japanese twist. This casual venue brings warmth and homeliness to a cold, concrete-filled environment. The design draws upon nostalgic ‘fish shop’ vibes but re-frames them in a modern, textural and immersive space.

Sussex Street House

Sussex Street House in Maylands

Design: Mountford Architects

Designed and built for an owner who wanted a small home that made the most of light and space on a small block, this steel and timber-framed project employed efficient design and construction techniques to provide open plan living over two levels.

XYZ House

XYZ House in Perth

Design: Mark Aronson Architecture

Situated on a sloping site, the original building was split level with a double garage off the street and steps to a raised veranda. The `site is on a North-South alignment and is sheltered from the strong southwesterly gusts from the ocean.

Moreing Road

Moreing Road House in Perth

Design: Mountford Architects

The Moreing Road project started as series of conversations and sketches inspired by a home commissioned in the early 1950s by the actor Gary Cooper, and built in Hollywood Hills by the prolific architect Quincy Jones.

Gateways to The Gold Coast

Gateways to the Gold Coast

Design: LOT-EK

The successful design for the “Gateways” major public art commission, by New York-based LOT-EK artists Ada Tolla and Giuseppe Lignano, was revealed today by Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate and Commonwealth Games Minister Kate Jones.