Heirloom by Match

Heirloom by Match in Fremantle

Heirloom by Match is the adaptive re-use of the Dalgety Wool Stores, a four-level brick and iron warehouse adjacent to Fremantle Port that has been re-purposed by Cameron Chisholm Nicol to house 183 one- and two- bedroom apartments and a café.

Mt Duneed House

Mt Duneed House in Victoria

Lachlan Shepherd Architects designed this honest, low-slung building, which sits sympathetically with its surroundings. Simply clad with corten steel and recycled timber, the home is positioned on the crest of a gentle hill and surrounded by paddocks with scattered trees.

Leighton Beach Facilities

Leighton Beach Facilities in Fremantle

Leighton Beach has been undergoing significant redevelopment including infrastructure, housing and beachfront facility. The City of Fremantle has provided Public Facilities to the redevelopment in the form of Access, Landscaping, a Kiosk and Changerooms designed by Bernard Seeber.

St Martins Cafe in Brighton

St Martins Cafe in Brighton

A new cafe in Brighton from the operators from Glovers Station, designed by Larritt-Evans. The clients brief was to reference the icons of Brighton, which for them was primarily the beach boxes. Secondly the client really wanted to embrace colour in this project.

Life on Maars

Life on MAARS House in Perth

Located on a granite outcrop of the scarp, this small project is a restrained piece of contemporary design by maarch*, a steel and glass box.
This site, required careful consideration of the placement of the architectural solution within the natural environment.

Chadstone Shopping Centre Malvern East

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d’Arenberg Cube Adelaide building

Adelaide Architecture: Buildings, Australia

Adelaide Architecture, South Australia – five-storey structure inspired by a Rubik’s Cube: the architectural twist is that the two top floors are askew, rotated on their axis – info on key new buildings & architects, designs, images – Adelaide buildings, architecture news