La Finca House

La Finca House in Madrid

Architect: Ramon Esteve Estudio

This house is located in a residential area of the mountains of Madrid, where the vegetation is so lush that it becomes very important. The plot borders a lake that the house opens to.

Camarines House

Camarines House in Madrid

Design: A-cero, architects

Two parallel planes in a totally vertical line go through the construction as a double architectural skin that turns into the residence´s leitmotif. The house is developed around this axis by a group of linked cubes making a harmonic series of volumes.

Why Factory exhibition COAM Madrid

Why Factory COAM Exhibition, Madrid

College of Architects of Madrid (COAM) with The Why Factory and TU Delft announce the opening of the exhibition “The Why Factory: Research, teaching and public engagement (2006-2016)” reflecting on a decade’s research on the future of cities.

Prado Museum in Madrid

Prado Museum in Madrid

Architects: Foster + Partners

Foster + Partners and Rubio Arquitectura have won the international competition to rejuvenate and restore the historic Hall of Realms as a new addition to the Museo del Prado campus in Madrid.

Mariturri School

Mariturri School in Vitoria-Gasteiz

Design: A54 arquitectos

This building meets the increasing educational demand of the city of Vitoria, in a neighborhood that concentrates the biggest extension of collective dwelling during these last years, and where most of the childhood population live.