On the Port of Cannes France

On the Port of Cannes, France

Designed by Heams & Michel Architectes On the Port of Cannes is a wooden structure sitting on a concrete base in the marina. Rising only one level, it is home to services for boaters in Cannes.

Four Buildings in Nantes France

Four Buildings in Nantes, France

The Paris office of Thibaud Babled Architectes Urbanistes designed a multipurpose complex comprised of 4 buildings, housing the headquarters of the Nantes Métropole center, an office of Pôle Emploi and housing.

Grand Musée d'Art Nantes building interior

Grand Musée d’Art Nantes, France

EU Mies Award for this building design by Stanton Williams Architects, with several key extension buildings to original 19th Century ‘Palais’, and 17th Century Oratory Chapel, with addition of a 4,000 sqm contemporary art exhibition space.

Water Park Aqualagon, Villages Nature Paris, Marne-la-Vallée

Water Park Aqualagon, Villages Nature Paris

Water Park Aqualagon, Villages Nature Paris, Marne-la-Vallée, design by Jacques Ferrier Architecture: the direction of the winds and the path of the sun determined the floor plan of the project. Protected from cold north-easterly winter winds, nestling up to the forest, the aquatic park opens towards the west to make the most of cool breezes in warm weather.

Breitenbach Landscape Hotel France

Breitenbach Landscape Hotel, France

Designed by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter Breitenbach Landscape Hotel will have a prominent role linking the hotel activity to the site and local traditions. While gathering the best of architecture, design, spa facilities and food culture in the region.