Ecole louis De vion Montévrain school buildng in France

Ecole louis De vion Montévrain – School

New school building by Vincent Parreira Atelier Architecture – AAVP: once past the threshold, the child comes out of his family cocoon to walk into a non-standard world, dappled with reflections, rustling with echoes, a world of oddities, an unexpected blending and surprising collapsing of spaces.

Chalet Whymper

Chalet Whymper in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

Design: Chevallier Architectes

There were many constraints with this project, but the Chevallier Architectes team studied the file and proposed solutions that would make it possible to successfully complete the construction, including optimization of the space.

Ilot Queyries

Ilot Queyries Mixed-Use Development in Bordeaux

Architects: MVRDV

Designed to fully exploit this exceptional location, Ilot Queyries’ facades adapt to their opposite views towards the River Garonne and the historic city. The plan aims to reflect the qualities of Bordeaux World Heritage Site city centre whilst adding new qualities.

The Fishermen's House

The Fishermen’s House in Bonifacio

Design: BuzzoSpinelli Architecture

Wrapped by the beautiful mineralogy of the area, the construction is intended to be rough in its context. The choice of the cast concrete carries proudly the scares of the process.

SPE House

SPE House in Spéracèdes

Design: ELLENA MEHL Architects

Although built less than 40 years ago, the main house is typical of provençal houses: rectangular, compact, and symmetrical with a stone framed entrance at the centre, and with small windows and terracotta tiles.

Quiet House

Quiet House in Gignac

Architects: ARTELABO

The land on which it fits, of very small size, is located between a vineyard shed in operation to the West, the parking of a neighbour to the East, surrounded by their access road, a main street to the south.

Lascaux IV Montignac

Lascaux IV in Montignac

Design: Snøhetta and Casson Mann

The new International Centre for Cave Art in Montignac, France welcomes visitors to an immersive educational experience of the prehistoric Lascaux cave paintings.