Villa Kaislaranta in Sysma Finland

Villa Kaislaranta in Sysmä, Finland

Built on the shore of a beautiful lake in central Finland, Villa Kaislaranta, designed by RESORTUM and OSUMA Architects Ltd, blends into its surroundings by using inconspicuous massing and a well balanced combination of reflections and wood cladding.

Pyramid House in Sysma

Pyramid House in Sysmä, Finland

The owner of a beautiful plot stuck between a mountain forest and a lake in Finland wanted a house with a distinctive character that would offer the comfort of a contemporary lifestyle and, at the same time, establish a tight connection with the strong and beautiful natural features of the site.

Sami Cultural Centre

Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos, Finland

Halo Arkkitehdit designed this building situated in the northern part of Finnish Lapland. Sajos is the centre of culture and administration for the Sami people. The building includes not just the usual spaces you would find in a cultural centre, but a parliament hall and auditorium.