Arroios Apartment – Lisbon Flat, Residence

Lisbon Apartment, Arroios Residential Building, Portugal Flat Design

Arroios Apartment, Lisbon : Lisboa

Edifícios portugueses : Portuguese Architecture – design by Tiago Filipe Santos

9 Oct 2012

Arroios Apartment Lisboa

Location: central Lisbon

Design: Tiago Filipe Santos

Arroios Apartment Arroios Flat Arroios Apartment Lisbon Residential Building Flat Arroios Apartment Lisbon Residential Building Flat
photos : invisiblegentleman

Arroios Apartment

The apartment is part of a typical Lisbon old building. It’s long proportion produces a set of spaces on which the presence of natural light is the main challenge.

The apartment is refurbished having the courtyard/garden as a central area that is totally open to the living room and adjacent spaces. The courtyard is the main source of natural light for the apartment.

The continuity and flow between the common spaces of the apartment (living room, dining room and kitchen) is clearly felt by the absence of doors between these spaces. Transitions are felt by in-built furniture or by the memory of ancient doors.

The 3 bedrooms are redesigned and functionally more adequate to modern needs. The master bedroom becomes a suite with the private bathroom and the in-built closet

Closets and unexpected areas of storage are in-built as a solution that optimizes space and takes close attention to every “dead” area in the apartment.

Arroios Apartment Arroios Flat Arroios Apartment Lisbon Residential Building Flat Arroios Apartment Lisbon Residential Building Flat
photos : invisiblegentleman

New windows area brought in to improve the acoustic and thermal conditions of the apartment.

In-built natural gas heating system improves the thermal efficiency of the apartment.

The exterior natural wood deck is the perfect place for long afternoons and late evenings with friends and family.

The remaining area of the courtyard is open to be used for a green lawn or blue pool.

Arroios Apartment Arroios Flat
photos : invisiblegentleman

Arroios Apartment – Building Information

Project: arroios apartment
Architects: tiago filipe santos (
Photographs: invisiblegentleman (

Function: housing
Localization: arroios, lisbon, portugal
Client: private
Year: 2010-11
Built area: 90sqm
Garden area: 45sqm

Arroios Apartment, Lisbon images / information from invisiblegentleman

Note – Lisboa is often translated as Lisbon in English

Location:Arroios, Lisboa

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