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Topaz Building Poland, Warsaw Office, Architect, JEMS Architekci, Sluzewiec, Warszawa

Topaz Building, Poland : Warsaw Office Information

Polish Commercial Development – design by JEMS Architekci

15 Oct 2007

Polish Office Building

Design: JEMS Architekci

Polish Office Building Warsaw Office Building Office Building Warsaw

Warsaw Office Building

The building was erected in the centre of the Sluzewiec office area amidst chaotic development of diversified architectural quality. It forms part of a complex of three office buildings that organize the streetside quarter space. Seven repeatable office floors are designed on asymmetrical H plan, with a centrally situated core and a variable layout of two-bay and three-bay structures.

Topaz Building Topaz Building Warsaw Topaz Building

As in other office buildings designed by JEMS, abutting the core are two-storey garden atria that make up an executive framework to entrances leading to the tenant component and connected visually with green internal courtyards. Strong architectural accents are provided by the two-storey entrance arcades and two staircases situated at the external glazed facade, with a distinct geometry of solid railing, contrasted with filigree, rhythmical vertical elevation of black titanium-and-zinc sheet metal and wood.

Topaz Building Topaz Building Topaz Building

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Jems Architekci

Location:Sluzewiec, Warsaw, Poland

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