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Featured Buildings by JEMS Architects, alphabetical:

Spectra Building, Warsaw, Poland
Date built: 2007
Spectra Building
photo from architecture practice
Warsaw offices
Offices for several firms, mainly in the pharmaceutical sector, all members of the same group of companies, were designed under the watchword “group offices – office group”.
Four rectangular blocks with four and five storeys accommodating offices are set on an elevated ground-floor podium around an internal courtyard garden.

Topaz Building, Poland
Date built: 2007
Topaz Building
photo from architekci
Polish building
The building was erected in the centre of the Sluzewiec office area amidst chaotic development of diversified architectural quality. It forms part of a complex of three office buildings that organize the streetside quarter space.
Seven repeatable office floors are designed on asymmetrical H plan, with a centrally situated core and a variable layout of two-bay and three-bay structures.

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Location:Warsaw, Poland ‘