Beaugrenelle Shopping Mall Paris

Beaugrenelle Shopping Mall Paris, Retail Building Paris, French Shop Design

Beaugrenelle Shopping Mall Paris

Retail Building in France – design by Agence Search, architects

17 Feb 2012

Beaugrenelle Shopping Mall

Location: 15th arrondissement, Paris, France

Design: Agence Search

Agence Search Win the restricted competition for the interior design of the future New Beaugrenelle Shopping Mall

In today’s increasingly competitive environment, the architecture of shopping malls has come to play a fundamental role in their commercial success. Architecture can distinguish the shopping environment to create a sense of specificity, of differentiation. Space can become a brand. The New Beaugrenelle Shopping Mall program set the stakes to develop an existing space by transforming two atriums into a site with “Wow Effect.”

Beaugrenelle Shopping Mall Beaugrenelle Shopping Mall Paris Beaugrenelle Shopping Centre Beaugrenelle Shopping Centre Paris
images from architects

Atrium entrance sequence
The entrance sequence is spectacular. The visitor is taken in by the volume, by a spatial configuration that is at once singular and majestic. The lattice work structure that inhabits the central volume is visible from the building’s façade. It attracts the shopper, and once inside draws his or her eyes up to the light and shops above, and down to the event space below. The visitor’s first perception goes beyond the scale of the building, to encompass its referential universe, its status, and its identity.

The lattice work structure materializes an envelope that defines the central space, and transforms it into an inhabited volume. It enables the interior design to refrain from modifying the existing architecture, while all the while entering into a dialogue with it on a large scale. The wooden lattice invokes warmth, sobriety and elegance.

Beaugrenelle Shopping Mall Beaugrenelle Shopping Mall Paris Beaugrenelle Shopping Centre Beaugrenelle Shopping Centre Paris
images from architects

The interiors project for the New Beaugrenelle Shopping Mall takes into account the transformations affecting our contemporary shopping experience. Facing the development of e-commerce, the shopping mall must affirm its singularity and specificity to maintain and improve its dynamic status. According to the “fun shopping” movement, we know that stores today must seduce buyers by transforming their commercial space into zones of conviviality and entertainment. The addition of footbridges that pierce the lattice structure and span the atrium creates novel spaces where multimedia and other recreational programs can develop.

« Wow Effect »
The two atriums of the Beaugrennelle shopping mall create a “Wow Effect.” In keeping with the client’s desires, they constitute an extraordinary spatial experience. Surprised and seduced by these singular architectural objects, the visitor is transported, becoming one with the volume.

Beaugrenelle Shopping Mall Beaugrenelle Shopping Mall Paris
images from architects

Beaugrenelle Shopping Mall images / information from Agence Search

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