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Mirador Sanchinarro : Madrid Apartment Building

New Housing in Spain – design by MVRDV with Blanca Lleó, architects

4 Jan 2012

Mirador Sanchinarro Madrid


Apartment Building

Design: MVRDV / Blanca Lleó Associates

Sanchinarro is a residential suburb on the north east edge of Madrid. Surrounded by highways, with views towards the Guadarrama Mountains.

Mirador Sanchinarro Mirador Madrid Mirador Sanchinarro Housing Mirador Sanchinarro Apartment Building
photos : Rob’t Hart

The building was developed as a reference point for the city extension and region at large, as a counterpoint against the massive uniformity of the surrounding blocks. The 22 level building acts as a frame for the distant landscape. The large lookout at 40 metres above the ground provides inhabitants and neighbours with a commu¬nity garden and a space from where they can contemplate the skyline. The proposal opens domestic architecture to the new city environment and to its surrounding territories.

The Mirador contains a wide variety of compact housing types. In contrast to the serial and rationalist repetition of the standard family unit, the housing units are grouped in small ‘buildings’. These ‘blocks’, stacked and glued together, make up a new towering ‘superblock’. It provides the neighbourhood with an unusual urban capacity.“wooden house”, etc. The 4 facades are identical, so there is no front/backside.

Mirador Sanchinarro Housing Mirador Madrid Housing Sanchinarro Housing Sanchinarro Apartment Building
photos : Rob’t Hart

Mirador Apartments Sanchinarro – Building Information

Mirador Sanchinarro Madrid, Spain
Date: 2001-05 Type: Apartment Building
Architect: MVRDV, Rotterdam, The Netherlands / Blanca Lleó Associates, Madrid, Spain
Client: Municipality of Madrid
Size & Program: 18.300 m2; 156 apartments
Budget: 10 Million Euro
Contractor: Dragados y Consytucciones, Madrid, Spain
Co-Architect: Blanca Lleó Associates, Madrid, Spain
Technical Architect: Apartec Colegiados S.L., Madrid, Spain
Structure: NB35, Madrid, Spain
Services: JG & asociados, Barcelona, Spain

Concept Design: May 2001 – Jan 2002
Definitive Design: Jan 2002 – Jun 2005
Construction: Nov 2002 – Jun 2005

Mirador Sanchinarro Madrid images / information from MVRDV

Mirador Housing : MVRDV

Location:Sanchinarro, Madrid

Another Sanchinarro Apartment Building design by MVRDV / Blanca Lleó Associates on e-architect:

Edificio Celosía – Celosia Residence
MVRDV with Blanca Lleó
Edificio Celosía Edificio Celosía Madrid Celosia Madrid
photos © Ricardo Espinosa

Celosia Madrid
In Madrid-Sanchinarro the first residents received the keys to their apartments in the just completed Celosia building. Jacob van Rijs of MVRDV and Blanca Lleó have completed the social housing block near the Mirador Building, which is an earlier collaboration. The perforated block of Celosia assembles 146 apartments, communal outside areas throughout the building, and parking and commercial program in the plinth. The total floor area is 21,550m2. With a construction cost of 12,6 million Euro the apartments can be sold for affordable prizes. The city block is opened and allows wind and light to enter the building, offering vistas and outside spaces contrasting the surrounding area. The client is EMVS, the public housing corporation of the city of Madrid

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