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Madrid Houses : Spanish Residential Architecture

New Residential Buildings in central Spain

Madrid Houses – Latest Building Additions

Madrid Residential Architecture News

Aluminium House
Design: Fran Silvestre Arquitectos
Aluminium House Madrid
picture : Diego Opazo

Aluminium House in Madrid – 20 Nov 2013
A consolidated landscape surrounded by gardens with big trees within the metropolis of Madrid is the fortunate starting point of this house. The piece, of metallic and horizontal nature, produces the effect of having just one storey. With its proportions and materiality it both contrasts and blends with the tall trees of its environment.

Balcony House – 29 Aug 2013
Design: A-cero Architects
Balcony House Madrid
photo from architects

This single family house has an area of 952 sqm arranged on 3 levels and seated on an independent plot of 2,000 sqm with a prime location in a natural environment, and only 14km from the city center.

B&N House
Design: A-cero Architects
B&N House Madrid
photo from architects

B&N House Madrid – 21 May 2013
A-cero presents one of its latest projects of single – family detached house. It is a comprehensive reform of existing home whose owners found the need to reform both externally and internally to update its image. This is a magnificent home originally, but had charged over time both aesthetically and functionally needed a change. The work focuses on two points. Providing housing for renewed external image and create a modern interior full of light.

Casa H
Architect: ABIBOO Architecture
Casa Madrid
picture from architects

Casa H Madrid – 30 Sep 2012
House H is located in an exclusive area in Madrid next to a prestigious golf course. The building is the answer to the broad and diverse functional needs of the client, a well-known international sportsman. The villa is “designed as a sponge”, with multiple micro-spaces that inter-relate to each other. The ground floor has the typical program associated with a villa along with many patios ; the first floor includes all the temporal spaces like office, hotel and playgrounds.

Casa C
ABIBOO Architecture
Casa C
picture from architects

Casa C Madrid – 22 May 2012
House C is raised as an introvert – extrovert element and at the same time rooted to its territory. It is open for visitors but at the same time keeps with wary spaces for privacy and reflection. It has duality in the forms and the global functioning of the building.

Casa Syntes Pinto
dosmasuno arquitectos
Casa Syntes in Pinto Madrid Spanish House Property Residence
photograph : Miguel de Guzmán

Casa Syntes Pinto – added 29 Apr 2012
A garden house. A house between courtyards.
The project had to face two preliminary constraints: a surrounding area burdened by the aesthetic and cultural tradition of the Spanish row-house concept and, on the other hand, the plot’s exposure to solar radiation during the hottest months of the year.

House A+O, Alberto alcocer, north Madrid
GEA Architects
Madrid House
photo : Ignacio Marqués

Madrid House – 2 Feb 2012
The project is to restructure two townhouses located in a central area of Madrid. The initial intentions are two: Sew the urban structure to create city and generate an interior protected from the noise and the outside views.

Madrid House – Recent Designs

Casa Pitch, northwest of Madrid
Iñaqui Carnicero
Casa Pitch
picture from architects

Casa Pitch

Pozuelo de Alarcón House
Pozuelo de Alarcón house
photograph from architect

Pozuelo de Alarcón House

Madrid Houses

Residential Architecture in the Spanish capital, alphabetical:

108 house
A-cero / Joaquin Torres, Architect
Pozuelo de Alarcón House Madrid
photograph : Santiago Cobreros

Pozuelo de Alarcón Housing
360 HOUSE in Galapagar
360 House Madrid
photo : David Frutos Ruiz

360 house
Casa Madrid
A-Cero Architects
Casa Madrid
photograph from architect

Casa Madrid
Clip House, St Angel St/Sta Natalia St
Bernalte-Leon y Asociados
Clip House Madrid
European Copper in Architecture Awards

Clip House
Concrete House, Pozuelo de Alarcón
A-Cero Architects
Concrete House Madrid
photograph : Luis H. Segovia

Concrete House
Hemeroscopium residence
Ensamble Studio
Hemeroscopium Madrid
photo : Ensamble Studio

Hemeroscopium residence
House 4
Madrid House
photo : Luis Segovia

House 4
House in Somosaguas
Joaquin Torres, Architect
Somosaguas House
picture from architect

Somosaguas House

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Madrid Architecture Photos
Architectural images from Nov 2010 for e-architect
Reina Sofia Madrid
building photo © Chris Romer-Lee
Madrid Architecture Photos

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Madrid House by A-cero
Projection Mapping by Onionlab
Madrid House Projection Mapping
image from Onionlab

Madrid House

Madrid Housing

Carabanchel 16 – housing
Foreign Office Architects
Carabanchel Housing
photograph © Sérgio Padura

Carabanchel Housing

Carabanchel housing – blocks
Dosmasuno Arquitectos
Madrid housing
image from architect

Madrid housing

Celosia, northeast Madrid
Celosia Madrid
photo from architect

Celosia Madrid, PAU de Sanchinarro

Colonia de los Angeles residential complex
Colonia de los Angeles building
image from architect

Colonia de los Angeles building nr Madrid

Mirador Sanchinarro
MVRDV / Blanca Lleó Associates
Mirador Building
photo : Rob’t Hart

Mirador Sanchinarro

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