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Lithuanian Architecture : Buildings

Key Contemporary Vilnius Building Developments, Eastern Europe

page updated 24 Sep 2016
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Lithuania Architecture

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Lithuanian Architecture. We try to select the most interesting Lithuanian Buildings. We cover completed buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and competitions across Lithuania. The focus is on contemporary buildings in this country.

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Lithuania Architecture

Major Lithuania Buildings / Projects, chronological:

k18B Downtown Tower, Vilnius
Design: Studio Libeskind, architects
k18B Building Complex in Vilnius by Libeskind
image from architect

k18B Building Complex in Vilnius by Libeskind – 20 Jul 2016

Klaipeda Dolphinarium, Vilnius
Design: Uostamiescio projektas
image from architect

Dolphinarium Building in Klaipeda – 7 Jul 2016

Palanga concert hall, Vilnius
Design: UAB „Uostamiescio projektas“
Palanga Concert Hall
image from architect

Palanga Concert Hall Building in Lithuania – 15 Feb 2016

Modern Art Center Vilnius
Design: Studio Libeskind, architects
Modern Art Center in Vilnius
image from architect

Modern Art Center in Vilnius – 23 Nov 2015

Pavilniai Regional Park House, Vilnius
Design: G.Natkevičius and Partners
Pavilniai Regional Park House
photo : R.Urbakavičius

Pavilniai Regional Park House Lithuania – 7 May 2014

Vilnius University Library Building
Architects: Paleko Arch Studija
Vilnius University Library Building
photo : R.Urbakavicius

Vilnius University Library – 25 Feb 2013
The library is on the outskirts of Vilnius. A relatively quiet and leafy location of the existing university campus is about to change significantly. In upcoming years, a new agglomeration of education facilities will emerge here.

Major Lithuania Architecture, alphabetical:

Headquarters of Prosecutors office, Vilnius, southeastern Lithuania
KLAP – Kestutis Lupeikis Architectural Projects
Prosecutors Office Vilnius
photo from architects

Prosecutors Office Vilnius

Litexpo Exhibition Pavilion, Vilnius

Architects: Paleko Archstudija
Litexpo Exhibition Pavilion
photograph from architects

Litexpo Exhibition Pavilion

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Vilnius
Zaha Hadid Architects
Guggenheim Museum Vilnius
image from architects

Guggenheim Museum Vilnius : Lithuanian Design Competition
Shortlist architects : Zaha Hadid, Massimiliano Fuksas, Studio Daniel Libeskind

Swedbank head office building, Vilnius
Architects: Audrius Ambrasas
Swedbank head office building
photo : Audrius Ambrasas

Swedbank building

Lithuanian Buildings – No Images

Major Lithuania Architecture Projects, alphabetical:

Kaunas Airport Passenger Terminal
UAB Architektu Biuras G.Natkevicius ir Partneriai

Kaunas University of Medicine Library & Health Sciences Information Center
G. Janulytes-Bernotienes studio

Multifunctional sports arena, Siauliai, northwest Lithuania
E. Miliuno studija

Public Library of A.& M. Miškiniai, Utena, eastern Lithuania
4plius architects

Villa N, Vilnius
Audrius Ambrasas Architects

Weekend and Conference Centre, Kitzbühel
Architect D.Ciuta studio

More Lithuanian Architecture projects online soon

Lithuanian Office Buildings


Developments in countries close to Lithuania

Belarus Buildings

Latvian Projects
Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art
image from architect

Russian Architecture
Moscow School of Management
photograph : Alexey Naroditskiy

Polish Buildings
Zlota 44 Warsaw
picture © Aldinger & Wolf

Estonian Developments

Ukraine Architecture

Romanian Building

Vilnius Guggenheim Museum Lithuania (linked above):
Guggenheim Museum Vilnius
picture from architects

Buildings / photos for the Lithuania Architecture page welcome

Lithuanian Architecture

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