Palanga Concert Hall in Lithuania

Palanga Concert Hall Building, Vilnius Music Venue, Architecture, Images

Palanga Concert Hall in Lithuania

Contemporary Building Development in Vilnius, Lithuania – design by UAB, architects

15 Feb 2016

Palanga concert hall in Lithuania

Design: UAB „Uostamiescio projektas“

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Palanga concert hall in Lithuania

Palanga Concert Hall

New concert hall erected in the autumn of 2015 at the most popular resort town of Lithuania- Palanga.

Palanga Concert Hall

Palanga Concert Hall

Specific location- center of the quarter, which is formed by different stylistics discordant buildings, presupposed a simple circular shape- the form that unites surrounding various periods of architecture. It’s round white facade not only gives sense of lightness to a relatively big volume of a building, but also highlights a valuable historic building- Palanga kurhauz, by forming a contrast background to it.

Palanga Concert Hall

Palanga Concert Hall

Small windows placed diagonally into the facade horizontally divides the building, brings motion to it as well as serves indirect, soft light source to the hall and an acoustic diffusing element from the inside, expressed the idea of a music box.
Interior of 2200 seats main hall mostly dominated by brownish wooden beams, panels, green chairs and frame less glass railings combines a comfortable, soothing and modern atmosphere.

Palanga Concert Hall

Round shape of the hall allows good visibility of the stage even from the most distant seats. Reverberation time of 1,00 second and installed electronic acoustic enhancement system allows the hall to house events from classical music to pop concerts.

Palanga Concert Hall Palanga Concert Hall

Palanga Concert Hall – Building Information

Architects: Algirdas Stripinis, Snieguole Stripiniene, Kristina Jurkute
Object: Palanga concert hall
Address: Vytauto str. 43, Palanga, Lithuania
Year built: 2015
Area: 4891 sqm

Palanga Concert Hall

Palanga Concert Hall

Photograph: Leonas Garbacauskas

Palanga concert hall in Lithuania images / information received from UAB

Location:Palanga, Lithuania ‘

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Palanga concert hall in Lithuania

Website: UAB „Uostamiescio projektas“