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30 Apr 2018

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Contemporary Housing in Italy

Italian Architecture Design – chronological list

22 Mar 2018
Rosa Alpina Hotel SPA Penthouse, Dolomites, Northern Italy
Architects: Vudafieri-Saverino Partner
Rosa Alpina Hotel SPA Penthouse in the Dolomites
photograph : Alex Filz

Rosa Alpina Hotel SPA Penthouse
The Italian architectural studio Vudafieri-Saverino Partners renews its collaboration with the Rosa Alpina Hotel SPA, a well-known symbol of Italian hospitality excellence. Located in the heart of the Dolomites, in the suggestive San Cassiano village in Alta Badia, the structure is one of The Leading Hotels of the World, boasting a three-star Michelin restaurant internally and an ample, recently-refurbished SPA area.

26 Jul 2017
Penthouse Interior, Cesena
Architects: tissellistudioarchitetti
Penthouse Interior in Cesena
photography : Cinzia Mondello

Penthouse in Cesena

7 Jul 2017
vc1 Residential Complex, Cesena
Architects: tissellistudioarchitetti
vc1 Residential Complex
photo : tissellistudioarchitetti

Residential Complex in Cesena
A project of residential architecture that challenges the anonymity of the suburbs. The project counted the realization of a building to the residential destination inside a lot not built and not reached by public services like roads, illumination, sewerages, etc…

4 Jul 2017
SD Residential Complex, Cesena
Architects: tissellistudioarchitetti
SD Residential Complex
photo : tissellistudioarchitetti

SD Residential Complex in Cesena
The aim of the project was to revitalize a dismissed industrial area with a residential building. The challenge was to work within the parameters of good design and a low budget to provide the city with quality architecture while respecting the commercial space requirements of the client.

11 Dec 2014
The Number 6 – Torino, Palazzo Valperga Galleani, Piedmont, northern Italy
Design: Building Engineering, Architetti
image Courtesy architecture office

The Number 6 – Torino
The renovation is one of the best representations of architectural salvage, respect for cultural heritage, technology, elegance and sense of beauty. The restoration and development carried out by Building Engineering intended to re-functionalize dramatically an important historical and architectonic property, in spite of its disfiguration during the last century that led to the loss of its original residential aim.

7 Feb 2014
Arabesque Project, Cuneo, Piedmont, north west Italy
Design: atelier qbe3, Architects
Arabesque Cuneo Building
image Courtesy architecture office

Arabesque Cuneo Building
Recovery and renovation today are the keywords that every architect must consider essential for their “craft”. The future of our cities, especially in this historical period, must take into account the correct use of resources available.

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