Iran International Trading Center of Carpet, Iranian Building

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Iran International Trading Center of Carpet, Iran : Building

Contemporary Iranian Project – design by New Wave Architecture

23 Nov 2010

Iran International Trading Center of Carpet

Design: New Wave Architecture

Iranian Carpet Trading Centre Building

To create movement, continuity, attractiveness from marketing viewpoint, by utilizing continuous and uninterrupted forms and maintaining memory of bazaar (ambience, light/shade interplay, lack of exterior space, beams of light through openings on the ceiling).

Using carpet figures and its geometry to give character to the design; to create diversity in figure and form by making changes in geometry without losing the origin of form, e.g. through keeping traces of carpet rosettes.

Iran International Trading Center of Carpet Iran Trading Center of Carpet Iran Carpet Trading Center

Using blanks and clusters to create dual forms with varying qualities.

Utilizing structural panels inspired by geometrical figures of carpet, with the quality of moving from heavy to light and from clustered to blanked (pattern of tree).

Designing the exterior envelope while maintaining the form, with the potential of creating open and masked surfaces to control sun exposure.

Attaining harmony with cityscape and suburban natural environment through continuity of dry lines and rough angles of the mountainous landscape.

Considering the slope and utilizing meandering and zigzag movements on the steep site.

Applying a rather dense design that suits the cold and mountainous climate.

Utilizing connecting ramps to create spatial integrity and to achieve continuity and movement.

Dismissing use of color in the presence of carpet and intensity and variety of its coloration.

Carpet as image of Persian garden, garden as embodiment of the Promised Paradise.

Garden, the origin of Persian art; sharing in with God in creating beauty.

Essential concepts of Persian art:
Symmetry – Balance – Continuity – Recurrence (continuity does not cause motion but results in recurrence).

Essence of Persian art in painting, poetry, music, tiling…is emphasis on recurrence.

Summit of Persian art is elaboration of figure and geometry. Figure is two-dimensional, so it sits on the face – floor, wall, ceiling, dome, vase, pot.

Figurative and geometrical order of carpet, abstracted and composed out of garden’s constituting elements – tree, flower, stream – is bordered by a frame, similar to garden enclosed in walls.

In Persian art the trend is from the edge to the core, which leads to stillness and concentration. Confinement results in multiplicity (fine-crafting) that through recurrence can achieve utmost beauty. In Western art this trend is reversed, which allows the frame to expand and to break.

Iran International Trading Center of Carpet Iran Trading Center of Carpet Iran Carpet Trading Center

Why, at first, all Persian carpets or Persian musical pieces look alike? Because in principles they are the same and variation occurs only in details. Essence of Persian art is in detailing and fine-crafting.

Iran International Trading Center of Carpet, Iran – Building Information

Design: New Wave Architecture – Lida Almassian / Shahin Heidari
Location: Iran
Designed in: 2010
Built in: –

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