Meygoun Residential Complex Tehran

Meygoun Residential Complex, Tehran

Wide windows embrace beautiful natural scenes and illustrate time passing from sunrise to the sunset in this design by New Wave Architecture. Building facades are covered with rock-shaped ‘crusts’ inspired by sharp edge stone around the site.

Lunar Complex Loshan building in Iran

Lunar Complex Loshan Building, Iran

Integrated retail & accommodation center-cum-fuel station design by Habibeh Madjdabadi Architects located in heart of arid and hot region of Iranian plateau. Nozzle-shape skylights recall traditional bazaars.

Mashhad Residential Property, Iranian Home

Mashhad Residence, Iranian Property

This project by Pi architects is based in a residential building in Mashhad whose construction dates back to approximately twenty years ago. The building has two residential floors and a basement where a jacuzzi, a pool and a sauna are located.

Iran Historical Car Museum

Iran Historical Car Museum

Design: RMJM Arta Tehran

Appointment by the Cultural Institute of Bonyad Museum as architectural consultant for this building. It will be the first project in Iran for this global architecture office.

Tabiat Pedestrian Bridge Tehran

Tabiat Pedestrian Bridge, Tehran

Architect: Diba Tensile Architecture / Leila Araghian, Alireza Behzadi

Infrastructure connecting two parks across a highway. A 270m-long curved pedestrian bridge, a complex steel structure featuring a dynamic 3D truss with two continuous deck levels that sits on three tree shape columns.

White Office Building

White Office Building in Tehran

Architects: BNS Studio

The White Office Building is located at one of the busiest street in shahrak-e-gharb, Tehran. The office complex comprises five levels of open office floors and one double height retail store at street level.