Echelon Concert Hall of Damghan

Echelon Concert Hall Damghan, Badab-e Surt, Iranian Building Images

Echelon Concert Hall of Damghan

Contemporary Building Project for Badab-e Surt in Iran – design by G.S.A Architectural Design group

20 May 2016

Echelon Concert Hall in Damghan City

Design: G.S.A Architectural Design group, Architects

Location: Damghan, Damghan County, Semnan Province, Iran

Echelon Concert Hall, Damghan


Concert Hall of Damghan

Echelon Concert Hall of Damghan

Examining and analyzing the principles of contextualized architecture, this building is meant to craft a cultural space (Concert Hall) in order to appreciate certain talents and skills in its anticipated field, and to provide the desirable carrier for the artistic and creative ideas of the musician to be expressed. This building has been designed as the base of Badab-e Surt of Damghan.

Echelon Concert Hall of Damghan

The architects state that the design of this building is “imitating the superficial shell and order in its scope, and humble approach to the environment. The building wraps you inside, its shape turns into the shape of music. For better expression, we can say that architecture is the local geometry and mathematical music. In fact, as there are many similarities between music and architecture. Since we want to see and hear the music we provide with the help of landscape architecture. Field-oriented architecture as a tool that we think can help us better to fruition.”

Echelon Concert Hall of Damghan

The project has as a key concept of the bivouac “relationship with the surrounding landscape”. It tries to harness the power to interact with the external environment, be part of the landscape. A refuge from the world everyday, the building design aims to welcome all kinds of people who seek a quiet, a break after their hobby. It can be placed on every surface of particular morphology. its potential is to be self-sufficient and environmentally friendly.

The project started in the design process in 2014, It is located in The Damghan City of Iran.

Echelon Concert Hall of Damghan

The walls and ceiling are not only used in terms of structure but can be used for acoustic purposes and also act as a real acoustic shell. In the main hall to sit there three levels: the main floor, mezzanine floor between the main hall and balcony of a two-shell structures that performers and listeners from all external noise protect. In fact, along the topographic layer layered original volume of the onlookers site by a massive ramp, slowly into space. If the use of materials to create details that include small-scale texture to humanise the scale three-dimensional personality

28,000sqm, 1,500 seats, 400 parking spaces for cars. 30 meters from the stage to the farther seat 1 meters between rows.

Disintegration of the majority of today’s buildings and their context has brought about issues such as confusion, inconsistency, identity crisis, lack of imageability and non-desirability. Lack or absolute absence of taking the context into consideration is baldly evident in urban planning and design of modern-day’s cities and architectural works. This issue is particularly binding in Iran, where it has resulted in overall similarity in the urban landscape, and is posing a threat to the potential and actual capacities of the context. As an approach based on the connection of the phenomena to their surrounding context, contextualism can bring about imageability and a sense of place. Contextualized architecture creates a pleasant atmosphere, and moving beyond a single-structure scale, plays a decisive role in the urban ambience which covers a wide span from demonstrating an innovative physical framework to simulating the community spirit

Echelon Concert Hall of Damghan

The difficult part of the design was to adapt and think to respect the context , had to choose the right materials, low cost and easy to assemble on site.

Architects: Sahand Sohrab, Ghazal Ghozat and Arash Raeiszadeh

G.S.A Architects

G.S.A Architectural design group since 2012 , relying on the strength and creativity of its designers in the field of architecture , interior design works

Winner – Echelon Concert Hall of Damghan by G.s.a Architectural Design Group is Winner in Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category, 2015-16.

Location:Damghan, Iran

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