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Costa Rican Architecture News

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24 Apr 2019
New House on the Osa Peninsula
Design: Obra Architects
Casa Osa in Costa Rica
image from architects

Costa Rican vacation retreat
A vacation retreat for an US doctor and family on the Osa Peninsula, realization of a client’s lifelong fascination with wilderness and desire for life in proximity of exuberant nature. located on 98 hectares of virgin rainforest.

18 Apr 2019
Costa Rica Treehouse, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
Architects: Olson Kundig
Costa Rica Treehouse in Santa Teresa
photograph : Nic Lehoux

Costa Rica Treehouse
A building design is inspired by the jungle of this densely forested site on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, constructed from teak wood harvested on-site.

18 Sep 2018
Casa Akoya, Puntarenas
Architects: Studio Saxe
Casa Akoya in Puntarenas Costa Rica
photo : Andrés García Lachner

Casa Akoya
Large terraces capture the wind and waves on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Set amongst idyllic white sand beaches and coconut groves, this low-key beach home was conceived to give its inhabitants not only a visual but also a literal connection to the sand and water where it belongs.

The Gilded Iguana Hotel, Nosara
Architects: Studio Saxe
The Gilded Iguana Hotel in Nosara Costa Rica
photo : Andrés García Lachner

Costa Rican Residence
Playa Guiones, in the town of Nosara, Costa Rica has long been known by the wider international community of surfers as a hidden gem and off-grid paradise of white sand beaches and constant waves.

Mint Resort, Santa Theresa
Mint Resort in Santa Theresa
photography: Andres Garcia Lachner
Mint Resort in Costa Rica
Stepping down a steep hillside and overlooking the ocean, Mint Santa Theresa is a new hotel that blends a European design aesthetic with Costa Rican craftsmanship – created to ensure that guests can commune with nature, each other and local people.

Joya Villas, Santa Teresa
Architects: Studio Saxe
Joya Villas
photo : Andrés García Lachner

Santa Teresa Property
Set in the rainforest of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, two modern homes project out of the landscape and are defined by a series of steel frames that that bring the best modern methods of construction to a tropical location.

8 Aug 2017
Nalu Resort, Nosara
Architects: Studio Saxe
Nalu Resort
photo : Andrés García Lachner

Nalu Resort in Costa Rica
A boutique hotel and yoga studio set into in tropical landscape of Nosara. The project is another in a long line of sustainable buildings from the practice that blend contemporary design with local craftsmanship, embracing the natural environment that surrounds and frames the architecture.

27 Dec 2016
Smith Residence, Limon,
Design: Benjamin Garcia Saxe, architects
Smith Residence in Limon
image Courtesy architecture office

Smith Residence in Limon
This contemporary residence in the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica has become an example of how contemporary architecture can learn from common sense principles.

7 Sep 2016
Casa Flotanta, Puntarenas
Design: Benjamin Garcia Saxe, architects
Casa Flotanta
image Courtesy architecture office

Casa Flotanta in Puntarenas
The Client wanted to create their family home on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica and found an incredible site overlooking the ocean. The biggest constraint we encountered was that the site was predominantly on a very steep slope, and the view of the ocean was captured only at the mid-upper portion of the site.

3 Sep 2016
Ocean Eye Residence, Playa Santa Teresa, Puntarenas
Design: Benjamin Garcia Saxe
Ocean Eye
photo : Andrés García Lachner

Contemporary Puntarenas Residence
The Client bought a beautiful property with two breathtaking views: towards the ocean and into the jungle. We decided to rest the house against the back of the steep hill of the site in order to stabilize the soil and protect the house from falling debris.

22 Mar 2014
Villa Areopagus, Atenas
Design: PARAVANT ARCHITECTS with SAAR Arquitectura
Costa Rican Residence
photograph : Julian Trejos

Villa in Atenas
This property was planned as a retirement residence for a client from Hollywood, California, the design focused on creating a home that is harmoniously integrated into the landscape of the surrounding Costa Rican mountains. This was largely done by allowing for a strong connection between the indoor and outdoor living to take full advantage of the moderate climate and spectacular views the site offers.

2 Sep 2013
CasaAltamira, Ciudad Colón
Design: Joan Puigcorbé
Costa Rican Residence
photo : Rodrigo Montoya / Joan Puigcorbé

Costa Rican Residence
The architects conceive architecture as a language across which properties can express themselves such as: harmony, creativity, happiness, beauty, poetry, complexity, magic, provocation and culture.

11 Aug 2010
Iseami House, Playa Carate, Península de Osa, Puntarenas
Design: RoblesArq
Costa Rican Home
photo from RoblesArq architects

Puntarenas House
The concept by this architecture studio aims to provide education and awareness of its occupants and its community, that will be capable to learn about sustainable living through its spatial living. The house promises a responsible approach to the nature of its location, Peninsula de Osa, a place where around 5% of the world biodiversity is embodied.

10 Jun 2011
Containers of Hope, San Jose
Design: Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture
Containers of Hope Costa Rican home
photo : Andres Garcia Lachnere

Costa Rica Home
Gabriela Calvo and Marco Peralta dreamed of living in their fantastic property 20 minutes outside of the city of San Jose, Costa Rica; where they could be with their horses and enjoy the natural landscape.

10 Aug 2010
A Forest for a Moon Dazzler, Playa Avellanas
Architect: Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architect
Costa Rican Home: A Forest for a Moon Dazzler
photo : Benjamin Garcia Saxe

A Forest for a Moon Dazzler
A winner of the World’s Best Private House at World Architecture Festival Awards 2010

Casa Kike – A writer’s retreat, Cahuita
Design: Gianni Botsford Architects
Casa Kike
The architects bring new ‘architectural life’ to the Caribbean by reappraising the architectural heritage of the region and reviving indigenous techniques. However, by coupling them with modern design technologies and aesthetics, GBA has created an eco-architecture that is remarkably light, impacting on its surrounding only minimally both physically and environmentally.

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