Casa Osa in Costa Rica

Casa Osa in Costa Rica

Designed by Obra Architects, Casa Osa is a vacation retreat for an American doctor and family on the Osa Peninsula. Located on 98 hectares of virgin rainforest with views east and west, the house occupies a small hill formerly mango farm, avoiding need to clear trees.

Joya Villas

Joya Villas in Santa Teresa

Set in the rainforest of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, two modern homes, designed by Studio Saxe, project out of the landscape and are defined by a series of steel frames that that bring the best modern methods of construction to a tropical location.

Mint Resort in Santa Theresa

Mint Resort in Santa Theresa

Stepping down a steep hillside and overlooking the ocean, Mint Santa Theresa, designed by Studio Saxe, is a new hotel that blends a European design aesthetic with Costa Rican craftsmanship.

Nalu Resort

Nalu Resort in Costa Rica

Architects: Studio Saxe

Nosara has become a destination for visitors from around the world for health, wellness and surfing and so the owners of Hotel Nalu-Nosara, Nomel and Mariya Libid, wanted a design that reflects the attitude of their guests.

Smith Residence in Limon

Smith Residence in Limon, Costa Rica

Design: Benjamin Garcia Saxe, architects – Caribbean coast architecture uses simple ideas for using rain water, temperature control through cross ventilation, and large overhangs; an aesthetic based on traditional tropical architecture of the Caribbean.

Ocean Eye

Ocean Eye in Puntarenas

Architect: Benjamin Garcia Saxe

The client bought a beautiful plot of land with two breath-taking views: towards the ocean and into the jungle. Architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe decided to rest the house against the back of the steep hill of the site in order to stabilize the soil and protect the property from falling debris.

Costa Rican Residence

Villa Areopagus: Costa Rican Residence, Atenas House

Design: PARAVANT ARCHITECTS with SAAR Arquitectura

This building was planned as a retirement residence for a client from Hollywood, California: the design focused on creating a home that is harmoniously integrated into the landscape of the surrounding Costa Rican mountains. This was largely done by allowing for a strong connection between the indoor and outdoor living to take full advantage of the moderate climate and spectacular views the site offers.