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Colombian Architecture News

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14 Aug 2019
Giancarlo Mazzanti Arquitectos News

1 Dec 2018
Medellin River Parks Botanical Park Master Plan
Design: Sebastian Monsalve + Juan David Hoyos
Medellin River Parks Botanical Park Master Plan
photos : Alejandro Arango

Medellin River Parks Botanical Park Master Plan – WAF Future Project of the Year Winner

29 Nov 2018
Grand Hyatt Hotel Bogotá
Design: Goettsch Partners
Grand Hyatt Bogotá Hotel Colombia
photo : James Steinkamp Photograph

Grand Hyatt Hotel Bogotá Building
The country’s first Grand Hyatt, “positioned as the crown jewel” of an 18-building commercial complex between the historic center and airport, adds to Goettsch Partners’ 30-plus hospitality works globally.

Dec 20, 2017
Residential Tower in Bogotá
Design: Bogle Architects
Residential Tower in Bogotá
aerial view © Bogle Architects

Residential Tower in Bogotá
Appointment to design the façade envelope of a 19-storey, high-end residential tower in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia. Working in collaboration with local architects and consultants, Bogle Architects has developed an innovative, layered façade system that respects the local context while maximising views across the city.

Dec 12, 2017
Vitrvm Bogotá Building
Design: Richard Meier & Partners
Vitrvm Bogotá, Colombia building
image : vize

Vitrvm Development in Bogota
In Bogotá, Colombia, Richard Meier & Partners will celebrate the completion of the Vitrvm development. The project is the first residential project in the country and the second project in South America after the successful completion of the Leblon Offices in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2016.

26 Jul 2017
New Cartagena Airport Building, Cartagena de Indias
Design: CAZA Architects
Cartagena Airport Building design by CAZA Architects
image Courtesy architecture office

Cartagena Airport Building Design
Cartagena de Indias is a city defined by the wondrous physical coupling of Nature and History. We have imagined an airport that fosters links with both elements.

17 Jul 2017
Cancer Research and Treatment Centre, Bogotá
Design: Rafael de La-Hoz Arquitectos and Construcciones Planificadas
Cancer Research and Treatment Centre
image Courtesy architecture office

Cancer Research and Treatment Centre, Bogota
Based in Bogotá and due for completion in 2020, it will incorporate a research centre and develop a unique care model to cater for the needs of the patients and their families

27 Oct 2016
Bogota Corferias Expansion, Corferias Bogotá – Centro internacional de negocios, Bogotá
Design: CAZA Architects
Bogota Corferias Master Plan
image Courtesy architecture office

Bogota Corferias Master Plan
CAZA has developed a Master Plan for the expansion of Bogota’s largest exhibition hall, Corferias, with the intention of increasing accessibility and transforming this crucial civic area into Bogota’s next lifestyle district.

19 Jul 2016
Zubabox, Bogotá
Design: Squire and Partners
image Courtesy architecture office

Zubabox in Bogota
Following a longstanding collaboration with ICT enabling charity Computer Aid International, Squire and Partners have launched the first Dell Solar Learning Lab – nicknamed the ‘Zubabox’ – in Bogota, Colombia, made to their bespoke design.

3 Mar 2016
Secretaría Distrital de Integración Social, Bogotá
Design: MOBO Architects
Secretaría Distrital de Integración Social in Bogota
image Courtesy architecture office

Secretaría Distrital de Integración Social in Bogota
MOBO Architects has won a high-profile competition for a new department for social integration building in Bogotá, Colombia.

30 Oct 2016
9 ¾ Bookstore Cafe, Medellin
Design: PLASMA NODO, architects
934 Bookstore Cafe
image Courtesy architecture office

9 ¾ Bookstore Cafe in Medellin
The architecture office believe that cities need warm and nice meeting places that welcome us and invite us to learn having fun with our families and friends, sites where people not only buy but go and have a good time.

21 May 2014
Casa 7A, Villeta
Architects: Arquitectura en Estudio + Natalia Heredia
Casa 7a
photograph : David Uribe

Casa 7A
The challenge of designing a country house in the surroundings of the town of Villeta, 1 1/2 hours to the west of Bogotá; at 967m above sea level, with a predominantly hot and dry weather all year round. The site’s constraints were very clear; a very steep land that starts at the top of a hill going all the way down to the stream “El Cojo”.

18 Apr 2014
Biblioteca Pública Santo Domingo Colombia, Medellín
Architect: Mazzanti Arquitectos, Bogotá
Library España Colombia
photograph : Sergio Gómez, Lorenzo Castro

Colombian Library Building
The Project is located on one of the hillsides of the city that have been affected by harsh violence since the 80´s because of several drug traffic networks that operate within its perimeter. It is part of the government’s social master plan program that aims to give equal economic and social opportunities to the population.

27 Feb 2014
Retail Centre in Bogotá
Design: Tamayo + Montilla Arquitectos
Bogota Shopping Center 1
image Courtesy architecture office

Bogota Shopping Center
The “Titán Plaza” shopping center is a wide open building offering plenty of space, ready for meeting up and celebrating, as if made for the pulsing life of Bogotá.

9 Jan 2013
Chapel La Calera, Bogotá
Design: Daniel Bonilla Arquitectos
La Calera Chapel Bogotá Building
photo : Alberto Fonseca

La Calera Chapel Building
The chapel in la Calera has a basic geometry that tries to alter the territory as little as possible. It uses the natural features of the environment, the wind and the light, to create an essential harmony.

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