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Architecture in South America

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of South American Architecture. We aim to include interesting South American buildings / projects. We cover completed South American buildings, new building designs and architectural exhibitions. We also post architecture competitions across South America.

We would argue that the strongest recent architecture in South America – Modern and contemporary – can be found in Brazil, though Chile also has a strong tradition relative to its smaller population. Famous South American architects include Oscar Niemeyer and Lina Bo Bardi (actually Italian) who produced celebrated Modernist architecture.

More recently architecture studios such as Marcio Kogan (studio mk.27) in Brazil and Sebastián Irarrázaval in Chile have ensured South American architecture remains in a global spotlight. Another major design studio is Enrique Browne Arquitectos in Chile and in Argentina Andrés Remy Arquitectos has produced a string of good contemporary buildings.

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South American Building News

Architecture Designs – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

Cotacachi House, Imbabura, northern Ecuador
Design: arquitectura x
House in Ecuador
photo : Sebastian Crespo

Cotacachi House – 4 Apr 2013
A couple from the Caribbean seek retreat amid the northern Andes in a small town, two hours north of Quito, an orchard site in a valley 2470 meters above sea level, between the Imbabura and Cotacachi mountains, to the east and west respectively. The couple needs a design proposal in 4 days before going home, or they will sell the site: we have to design a house without knowing the site and after meeting the couple for two hours.

Casa Varanda, Brazil
Design: Carla Juaçaba
Casa Varanda Brazil
photo : Fran Parente

Casa Varanda – 4 Apr 2013
A house made for the granddaughter of great architect Sergio Bernardes and a Colombian artist was a challenge. At first they wanted the house to have caracteristics of Casa Lota made by his grandfather in 1950, from wich we kept some materials such as the ceiling. The development of the project was very interactive.

Casa Agua, New Residence in Buenos Aires
Design: Barrionuevo Sierchuk Arquitectas
New Argentina House
photo from architects

New House in Argentina – 19 Mar 2013
The site is 2,000 sqm, in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. It has 450 sqm and it is designed for a couple without kids, with, in the ground floor, a program of very large reception areas, that open and closes by very big wooden sliding doors that hide into the walls.

Studio R, São Paulo, Brasil
Design: studio mk27 – Marcio Kogan with Gabriel Kogan + Oswaldo Pessano
Studio R São Paulo
photograph : Fernando Guerra

Studio R São Paulo – 18 Jan 2013
Facing a small urban square, the Loft Studio opens entirely to the outside. The inner space of this photography studio flows into the side gardens of the building and into the urban space, establishing a spatial continuity between the square and the building.

Alejandra House, Rosario, Argentina
Design: CEKADA-ROMANOS arquitectos
Alejandra House Rosario
photo : Walter Salcedo

House in northern Argentina – 14 Jan 2013
The design strategy by the architects seeks “a compact country house, located on the south side of the lot in order to capture sunlight and to open a large garden area. The shape is the result of a volume subjected to cuts and operations of subtraction. The geometry is defined by orientations, desired visuals and daylight”.

Bicentennial Civic Center in Córdoba, Argentina
Design: GGMPU Arquitectos + Lucio Morini
Bicentennial Civic Center in Córdoba
photo : Claudio Manzoni

Bicentennial Civic Center in Córdoba – 5 Dec 2012
The Bicentennial Civic Center will be the first administrative complex to have been designed specifically for that end by the Province of Córdoba, Argentina. It is located on the edge of the historic center of the city. One of its sides, measuring more than 700m, was adjacent to the River Suquia, and constituted a physical barrier drastically separating the neighborhoods on both sides of the river.

Algarrobos House, Puembo, Ecuador
José María Sáez + Daniel Moreno Flores
Algarrobos House
photo : Sebastian Crespo

Algarrobos House – 3 Dec 2012
Eight identical steel members, 18 meters long, placed along the x y z axis, confine the space for the house and at the same time open it as they project in different directions. They are abstract beams that are oriented looking for their relationship with the surroundings.

Casa Carrara, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Andrés Remy Arquitectos
Casa Carrara
photo : Alejandro Peral

Casa Carrara – 19 Nov 2012
Located on an irregular lot, the house sits at the back of the lot and is parallel to one of the streets to open the best orientation and capture the best views. The idea of this journey was to discover the entrance as we follow the exterior stone wall. The rustic and crafted stone defines and separates the entry zones from the living spaces and is inside and outside, proposing a counterpoint to the pure white that dominates the inside of the house.

South American Architecture

Individual Buildings in South America : Major Architecture Projects, alphabetical:

Bread Museum, Brazil
Brasil Arquitetura
Bread Museum Building
photograph : Nelson Kon
Carrasco Airport building, Uruguay
Rafael Vinoly Architects
Carrasco Airport building
image from architect
Casa Caracola, Chile
Enrique Browne Arquitectos
Casa Caracola
image by architect
Casa de la Cascada, Argentina
Andrés Remy Arquitectos
Waterfall House
image by architect
Casa Negra, Argentina
Andrés Remy Arquitectos
Argentine house
image by architect
Casa Orquídea, Argentina
Andrés Remy Arquitectos
Casa Orquídea
photograph : Alejandro Peral
Casa Panamá, Brazil
Marcio Kogan
Casa Panamá
photo : Nelson Kon
Casa Pedro Lira, Chile
Sebastián Irarrázaval
Chile house
photo : Carlos Eguiguren
Casa San Damian, Chile
Sebastián Irarrázaval
Santiago House
image by architect
Cidade da Musica Roberto Marinho, Brazil
Atelier Christian de Portzamparc
Brazil Building
image by architect
Chilexpress building, Chile
Guillermo Hevia H Architects
Chilexpress building
photograph : Cristián Barahona
Consorcio Santiago, Chile
Enrique Browne / Borja Huidobro
Santiago architecture
photograph : Enrique Browne
Contador-Weller House, Chile
Riesco + Rivera Arquitectos Asociados
Contador-Weller House
photograph : Carlos Eguiguren
Corten House, Brazil
Marcio Kogan
Corten House
photo : Nelson Kon
Coser House, Brazil
Marcio Kogan Arquitetos
Coser House
photograph : Reinaldo Coser
Cristalchile, Chile
Guillermo Hevia H Architects
Cristalchile Building
photograph : Guy Wenborne

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Osler House, Brazil
Design: Architect Marcio Kogan
Osler House
image : Pedro Vannucchi

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