Zubabox in Bogota

Design: Squire and Partners

Following a longstanding collaboration with ICT enabling charity Computer Aid International, Squire and Partners have launched the first Dell Solar Learning Lab – nicknamed the ‘Zubabox’ – in Bogota, Colombia, made to their bespoke design.

9 ¾ Bookstore Cafe Medellin

9 ¾ Bookstore Cafe in Medellin


This place specializes in books for children, but where adults can also have some fun. It is a welcoming meeting place inviting us to learn and have fun with families and friends.

Casa 7a

Casa 7A – Colombian Residence

Design: Arquitectura en Estudio + Natalia Heredia

The challenge was to design a country house in the surroundings of the town of Villeta (Colombia), 1.5 hours to the west of Bogotá; at 967 meters above sea level, with a predominantly hot and dry weather all year round.

Library España Colombia

Library España: Colombia Building

Architect: Mazzanti Arquitectos, Bogotá, Colombia

This stunning builidng is located on one of the hillsides of the city that have been affected by harsh violence since the 80´s because of several drug traffic networks that operate within its perimeter.
It is part of the government’s social master plan program that aims to give equal economic and social opportunities to the population.

Vitrvm Development Colombia 2

Vitrvm Development in Bogota

Design: Richard Meier & Partners

This is the architecture practice’s first project in Bogota, Colombia. The Vitrvm development will consist of two towers with a total of 36 apartments and will be located along Septima Avenue in the north section of the city. The builidngs aim to reflect and to engage the beautiful gardens and large trees at the Chico Park and the Seminario Mayor.

Bogota Shopping Center 1

Bogota Shopping Center, Colombia

Design: Tamayo + Montilla Arquitectos

Columbia – a country which brings to mind coffee, colonial times, dance and exuberance. This feeling is reflected in the architecture of the “Titán Plaza”, a shopping center designed by the architects Tamayo Montilla Arquitectos. It is a wide open building offering plenty of space, ready for meeting up and celebrating, as if made for the pulsing life of Bogotá.

La Calera Chapel Bogotá architecture

La Calera Chapel: Bogotá Building

Design: Daniel Bonilla Arquitectos

The chapel in la Calera has a basic geometry that tries to alter the territory as little as possible. It uses the natural features of the environment, the wind and the light, to create an essential harmony.