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Chinese Architectural Developments

Key Contemporary Built Environment Projects in China, Asia

post updated 21 Feb 2020

Architectural Developments in China

We have 8 pages of Chinese Architectural Developments selections. We aim to select Chinese building projects that are either of top quality or interesting or ideally both. We cover completed buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions across China.

Chinese Architecture : news + key projects

Chinese Architecture Developments : A-C

Chinese Architecture Designs : D-G

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Chinese Building Designs : K-P

Chinese Architectural Developments : Q-R (this page)

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New Chinese Architectural Developments

Q Bar, Beijing
Design : crossboundaries architects
Q Bar Beijing Building - Chinese Architectural Developments
picture : Yang Chao Ying
Q Bar

Qingdao Eco Park
Design: von Gerkan, Marg and Partners · Architects
Qingdao Eco Park - Chinese Architectural Developments
image © architects
Qingdao Eco Park

Qixing District Urban Planning Museum
Design: de Architekten Cie.
Qixing Museum Building - Chinese Architectural Developments
picture from architect
Qixing District Urban Planning Museum

Radiant City Buildings, Shenzhen
Design: lee + mundwiler architects
Radiant City Shenzhen
image : lee + mundwiler architects
Radiant City Shenzhen

Raffles City Beijing
Design: SPARCH
Raffles City
photo © Christian Richters
Raffles City Beijing

Raffles City Hangzhou
Design: UNStudio / Ben van Berkel
Raffles City Hangzhou
picture from architect
Raffles City Hangzhou

Raffles City Ningbo
Raffles City Ningbo - Chinese Architectural Developments
image © Silkroad
Raffles City Ningbo

Chinese Building Developments – No Images

Major Chinese Architectural Projects, Q-R, alphabetical:

Qingdao Grand Theatre

Gerkan, Marg & Partners

Royal Garden Clubhouse, Shanghai

Eric Parry Architects

More Chinese Architectural Developments online soon

Location: China, Asia

Major Chinese Real Estate Developments – by city

Beijing Buildings

Chengdu Buildings

Guangzhou Buildings

Nanjing Buildings

Shanghai Buildings

Shenyang Buildings

Shenzhen Buildings

Tianjin Architecture

Hong Kong Architecture

Chinese Architects

Chinese Architect : Office Listings

Lin’an Sports and Culture Center, Linan District, North West Zhejiang Province
Architects: The Archtectural Design & Research Institute Of ZheJiang University Co, Ltd
Lin'an Sports and Culture Center in Hangzhou
photo : Huang-Hai
Lin’an Sports and Culture Center, Hangzhou

Junxi Mountain Villa Sales Centre, Vanke Junxi, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China
Architects: More Design Office (MDO)
Junxi Mountain Villa Sales Centre in Hangzhou City
photograph : Sicong Sui, Dirk Weiblen
Junxi Mountain Villa Sales Centre in Hangzhou City

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