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Q Bar, Beijing

Contemporary Chinese Architecture – design by crossboundaries architects

18 May 2010

Q Bar Beijing

Design: crossboundaries architects

Q Bar Beijing Q Bar Beijing Q Bar Beijing
pictures : Yang Chao Ying

Q Bar Beijing, China

Project Description

We were approached by the owners of Q Bar to design the new rooftop.
The design was required to solve several issues: to contain the sound produced by the clientele, to create a half-enclosed environment, with different views, with places to partially hide.

Q Bar Beijing
picture : Jeff Hinson

We thought that the best solution in this case was to use an architectural device that could partially enclose vertically and horizontally the space. It is abstract, almost as a sculpture, a vertical stele 3.5m high. By duplicating this device on the rooftop the space is organized, separated, and fragmented. The result is an environment that allows intimacy and stimulates curiosity.

Q Bar Beijing
picture : Giacomo Butte

A second device is the bed-box. The initial idea was to frame the night view of the city. The box provides shelter and intimacy and it is also a practical storage during the winter season. The interior space of Q Bar has an interesting concept: nothing on the walls. Only the red paint that in this way creates a plain background for the bar crowd. In the same way the outdoor rooftop uses the same red combined with the wooden panels. Only two materials in order to reduce the visual pollution.

Q Bar Beijing Q Bar Beijing Q Bar Beijing Q Bar Beijing Q Bar Beijing
images : crossboundaries architects

Q Bar Beijing – Building Information

Project Name: Q Bar Rooftop
Location: Beijing, China
Client: Q Bar
Architect: crossboundaries architects
Structure and Material: steel structure, fibre-cement panel, wood cladding
Building Area: 460 sqm
Design Period: Apr 2009

Photos: Yang Chao Ying, Jeff Hinson and Giacomo Butte

Q Bar Beijing images / information from crossboundaries architects

Location:Beijing, China