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Shenzhen Buildings : Architecture

Contemporary Chinese Architectural Developments: Guangdong Province Designs

post updated 26 Mar 2020

Shenzhen Architecture News

Shenzhen Architectural News

We show the key new buildings in the city area on this page. The area is on the Chinese mainland close to (just north west of) Hong Kong.

Shenzhen Buildings

Shenzhen Architecture News

Southern Chinese Architecture News arranged chronologically:

20 Apr 2018
Sky Club House
Architects: DOMANI
Sky Club House in Guangdong Province
photograph : Shaon

Sky Club House Shenzhen City

28 Mar 2018
Mawan Mile
Mawan Mile in Shenzhen
image : HASSELL

Qianhai Mawan Mile in Shenzhen

26 Jan 2018
Design Society, China’s first design hub
Design: Fumihiko Maki Architects
Design Society Shenzhen Building
photograph © Design Society

Design Society Shenzhen Building

31 Dec 2015
Tai Chi Sales Center
Design: Kris Lin architect
Tai Chi Sales Center Shenzhen
photograph : KILD

Tai Chi Sales Center

12 Aug 2014
Prince’s Building in Shenzhen
Design: SPARK Architects
Princes Building
image courtesy of architects

Prince’s Building in Shenzhen

8 Oct 2013
Shenzhen Stock Exchange Headquarters
Design: OMA
Shenzhen Stock Exchange
image courtesy of OMA ; photography by Philippe Ruault

Shenzhen Stock Exchange Headquarters – SZSE
Defying the conventional building typology of tower-on-podium, the three-storey base is cantilevered 36m above the ground, allowing for a generous public space below and a lush roof garden on top. The raised podium in its elevated position, it can “broadcast” the activities of the stock market to the entire city.

8 Mar 2013
Asian Cairns Buildings – ‘Sustainable Farmscrapers’
Design: Vincent Callebaut Architectures
Asian Cairns Buildings

Asian Cairns Shenzhen Buildings
Benefiting from its privileged geographical position in the heart of the Chinese megalopolis of the Delta of the Pearl River, Shenzhen faces a spectacular economic and demographic development.

30 May 2012
Oct Design Museum
Design: Studio Pei-Zhu
Oct Design Museum Building
photo : Studio Pei-Zhu

The Oct Design Museum
The goal of the building design was to create a space that is surreal to the subject matter but also transcendental in surrounding and feeling. The design of the interior relies on a continuous white curving surface that casts no shadows and has no depth.

26 Apr 2012
Yabao Hi-Tech Enterprises Headquarter Park
Architects: 10 Design
Yabao Hi-Tech Enterprises Headquarter Park Shenzhen
image from architects

Yabao Hi-Tech Enterprises Headquarter Park Shenzhen
The 65 ha site will contain GFA of over 1,050,000 sqm, consisting of 18 high-rise towers (100-300 m tall), a 5 star hotel, 3 service apartment towers, 3 residential towers, a shopping mall and a 32 ha park.

11 Aug 2011
Universiade in Shenzhen
Design: von Gerkan, Marg and Partners (gmp)
Bao’an stadium Universiade in Shenzhen
photo © Christan Gahl

Universiade in Shenzhen : Inauguration of the Sports Center and Bao’an Stadium
To mark the occasion of the Universiade, which will take place from 12th to 23rd August 2011, the Universiade sports center and Bao’an stadium will be opened tomorrow in Shenzhen, southern China.

25 May 2011
Cultural Complex Longgang District
Design: Mecanoo architecten
Cultural Complex Longgang
image : Doug and Wolf

Cultural Complex Longgang District

7 Feb 2011
Kingkey Finance Tower
Design: Farrells
Kingkey Finance Tower
photo from architects

Kingkey Finance Tower

Shenzhen Buildings – Key Projects

Shenzhen Building Designs, alphabetical:

Arts Museum
Design: URBANUS Architecture & Design, Inc

Bug Dome, Shenzhen – Hong Kong Biennale
Design: WEAK!
Bug Dome SZHK Biennale
photo © Marco Casagrande

Bug Dome

Guangming Eco-city Competiton
Rainer Pirker – 1st
MVRDV – 2nd
Studio 8 – runner up; Studio 8 led by CJ Lim – a studio leader at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, London

Headquarter of China Insurance Group
Headquarter of China Insurance Group Shenzhen
image © SILKROAD Digital Technology Co. LTD

Headquarter of China Insurance Group

Museum of contemporary art & planning exhibition
Museum of Contemporary Art Planning Exhibition Shenzhen
image : SILKROAD Digital Technology Co. LTD

Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art & Planning

Nan Tou Square
Design: BDP
Nan Tou Square
image from architects

Nan Tou Square

SBF Tower – design
Design: Hans Hollein Architect
SBF Tower Shenzhen
picture : Atelier Hollein

SBF Tower

Shenzhen 4 in 1 Towers Design
Design: MVRDV
Shenzhen 4 in 1 Towers
picture © MVRDV

Shenzhen 4 in 1 Towers

Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport – Third Terminal
Design: Massimiliano Fuksas Architects
Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport
image courtesy Studio Fuksas

Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport : Design Competition win

Shenzhen Crystal Island Competition
Design: Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA)
Shenzhen Crystal Island
image © OMA / Ole Scheeren

Shenzhen Crystal Island

Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art
Shenzhen Art Building
image : EMERGENT architects

Shenzhen Art Building

Shenzhen Skyscrapers
Design: Steven Holl Architects
Shenzhen 4 Towers
image from architects

Shenzhen Skyscrapers

Shenzhen Stock Exchange HQ
Design: Office for Metropolitan Architecture (now OMA)
Shenzhen Stock Exchange
building image © from Architects

Shenzhen Stock Exchange HQ

Shenzhen University Town Library Project
Design: RMJM Architects
Shenzhen University building
photo : H. G. Esch

Shenzhen University building

Vanke Center
Design: Steven Holl Architects
Shenzhen Vanke Center
image from architects

Shenzhen Vanke Center : Architecture Competition winner

More Shenzhen Buildings online soon

Location: Shenzhen, south east China

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The Central Park of the Radiant City – Winning design proposal
lee+mundwiler architects with Cao/Perrot Studio
Radiant City Shenzhen
image from architects

Radiant City Shenzhen

Chinese Buildings

Museum of Contemporary Art & Planning Exhibition
Shenzhen Museum Building

Shenzhen Museum Building

Shenzhen Stock Exchange
building image © architects
Shenzhen Stock Exchange building

Shenzhen Airport Design Competition entry
Reiser + Umemoto
Shenzhen Airport Design Competition
image from architects

Shenzhen Tower

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