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Krems High School Austria

Austrian Sports Hall Development – design by Caramel Architekten

21 Jul 2009

Krems High School

HAK / HLF Krems High School – triple sports hall, Austria
Date built: 2007
Design: Caramel Architekten

krems high school
photo : dietmar tollerian


the federal school complex, “bundesschulzentrum krems”, which comprises a hotel management school with its own school hotel (“europaschule krems”) and an A- and B-track business high school, was built in the seventies according to the modern functional standards of the time. Due to a serious shortage of space an open, EU-wide, two-stage competition was held in 2001.

The jury recommended dividing the task into two contracts: extension of the classroom wings and construction of the new indoor recess area and extension of the gymnasium. Caramel was awarded the contract to design and construct the indoor recess area and gym extension.

krems high school krems high school krems high school krems high school
photos : dietmar tollerian

Project Description

The task of converting two lengthwise adjacent, 46-meter long gymnasiums into a fully functional triple gymnasium was to be quite a structural engineering feat. The engineering firm accomplished this using only a 1.8-meter-high prestressed reinforced steel girder that absorbs the loads of both the existing gyms and the newly built extension.

In keeping with the strict budget but also with the intention of clearly articulating the newly built addition as such, a light frame construction method with a high degree of prefabricated components was chosen.

Mere 16-cm-thin reinforced concrete ribs support prefabricated wooden panels; standard synthetic domes arranged in a seemingly random order provide lighting and a view of the outside.

Like a bulge in the ground the gym rises as a hull; no differentiation is made between roof and wall; the two fully glazed narrow sides, in a sense, remain open.

The new indoor recess area extends directly from the gymnasium and is optically connected to this structure by way of its delicate glass-only construction.

HAK / HLF Krems High School – Building Information

hak/hlf krems
indoor recess area and gymnasium extension

architects: Caramel Architekten ZT – Gmbh
Günter Katherl, Martin Haller, Ulrich Aspetsberger

assistant: kolja janiszweski

client: BIG / bundesimmobiliengesellschaft

competition: 2001 – 2-stage

structural engineering: werkraum wien

technical data: gross floor space 2,790 m2
cubage 16,714 m3

start of construction: 01/2006
completion: 09/2007

A R C H I P I C T U R E +43-732 739437 archipicture@inode.at

HAK / HLF Krems High School images / information from Caramel Architekten

Caramel Architekten

Location: Upper Austria

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