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Austrian Houses : Architecture

Key Residential Buildings in central Europe – New Homes + Property

page updated 1 Oct 2019

Austrian Properties

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Austrian Houses. We aim to include houses in Austria that are either of top quality or interesting, or ideally both. We cover completed Austrian houses, new house designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions across Austria.

Austrian House – Latest Designs

Austrian Residential Architecture – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

11 Dec 2018
House Dellacher in Oberwarta

31 Jul 2017
Casa Invisibile

12 Jun 2017
A House for Art in Hohe Wand

5 Jun 2017 & 26 Sep 2016
House D – single family house, Austria
Design: Caramel Architekten with absolut-architekten
Haus D Austria Property near Vienna Haus D Austria Property near Vienna
photo : Christian Sperr

Haus D Austria Property near Vienna

house e – single family house, Linz
Design: Caramel Architekten
Haus e Linz
photo : Martin Pröll and Caramel

Upper Austria Property – 5 Apr 2016
Located on the periphery of the city, the plot of land offers a spectacular view of Linz, as long as one builds high enough to be able to gaze over the neighbouring properties.

Deluxe Mountain Chalets, Styria
Design: Viereck Architects
Deluxe Mountain Chalets
photograph : Andreas Tischlerl

Deluxe Mountain Chalets Styria – 4 Nov 2015
Set within the scenic mountain panorama of upper Styria, Austria, the “Deluxe Mountain Chalets” serve as an extension to the numerously awarded high- end restaurant “Wirtshaus Steirereck”.

Villa S, Upper Austria – 20 Aug 2013
Design: TWO IN A BOX Architects
Villa S Upper Austria
photo : Simon Bauer

The villa is L-shaped and aligned to the south-west featuring generous glazing to the porch in front of the house and a garden with water areas. The light hill-side location, the expanded ground floor facing the street and the carport form a generous forecourt and entrance hall.

Villa Upper Austria – 20 Aug 2013
Design: TWO IN A BOX
House in Upper Austria
photo from architects

“Between lightness and gravity”
Due to the steep sloping terrain, the view and the direction of the sun special attention was required with regard to the alignment of living rooms and sleeping rooms. The villa has three levels adapted to the line of sight and staggered towards each other on top of a basement garage. The main living floor is west-aligned and built at the slope opening up onto a garden and summer kitchen. In order to offer a free view of the city from the west-faced garden, the plan view of this floor was pushed to the northern end of the lot giving space for an elongated pool on the south side in front of the living and dining area. Front-mounted pool glazing allows for the horizon to disappear and the swimmer gets a feeling of hovering above the city.

Haus Walde, Tyrol
Design: GOGL Architekten
Haus Walde Austria
photo : Mario Webhofer

Tyrol House – 23 Apr 2013
The client requested an open, light-filled room with the garden and the beautiful backdrop of the Kitzbühl Alps integrated into the living space.

Haus Wiesenhof, Tyrol
Design: GOGL Architekten
Haus Wiesenhof Austria
photo : Mario Webhofer

Haus Wiesenhof – 23 Apr 2013
The house communicates with the dominant mountain range, with every view resembling a painting. The decision to utilise archaic materials was made quite consciously to quote the surrounding farmsteads. The client wanted an atmosphere that was light and airy, but also cosy.

haus_y2, Linz, north west Austria
Design: Destilat
House in Linz
photograph : Mark Sengstbratl

House in Linz – 14 Nov 2012
The property is located on a steep slope at the foot of pöstlingberg in the immediate vicinity of the danube. like all buildings along this residential estate’s main street, its width amounts only to 21 m. some of the neighbouring structures extend almost to the property’s boundary; therefore an orientation towards east and west was of lesser importance.

L-house, Burgenland
Design: Architects Collective
L-House Austria
photo from architect

New House in Austria – 11 Jun 2012
The new home for a young family is harmoniously placed into the hilly landscape. The traditional and typical L-shaped floor plan of the region was developed further in an imaginative and thoughtful way advancing modern home, energy and living concepts. The L-House is an avant-garde architectural gem that merges the needs of it’s residents with the environment.

Key Recent Austrian Houses

Austria Residential Architecture, chronological:

My Home is my Patio, Linz, Upper Austria
My Home is my Patio
picture © Max Nirnberger

My Home is my PatioEdelWeiss Residences, Katschberg
Matteo Thun & Partners
EdelWeiss Residences
photo © jens weber, munich

EdelWeiss Residences

Austrian Houses

Austria Residential Designs, alphabetical:Amalia House, Kirchbach
Grid Architects
Amalia House
photograph : Lukas Schaller

Austrian holiday houseThe Beatle of Kagran, Vienna
The Beatle of Kagran
image from architect

Beatle of KagranFolded House, Lower Austria
xarchitekten design
picture : Max Nirnberger

Folded House AustriaHouse H – family house, Linz, Upper Austria
Caramel Architekten; interior friedrich stiper
house h
photo : h.hurnaus

House HHouse Kaps – extension, Saalfelden
Caramel Architekten
house kaps
photo : j. felsch + caramel

House KapsHouse Lina – for a mother with a child, Linz
Caramel Architekten
house lina
photo : caramel

House LinaHouse M, Linz, Upper Austria
Caramel Architekten
house m
photo : otto hainzl + caramel

House MHouse P, Klosterneuburg
Caramel Architekten; barbara s. bovelino
house p
photo : hertha hurnaus

House PP-K House, Punitz, Lower Austria
Design: Pichler & Traupmann Architekten
P-K House Punitz
photo from architects

Haus PK Punitz

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