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Caramel Architecture News

13 Dec 2017
„17 Türken“ neues Büro für Caramel, Vienna, Austria
Caramel Architects Office Vienna
photograph : Hertha Hurnaus
Caramel Architekten
„Um unser neues Büro zu planen wurden wir endlich unser eigener Kunde – es war schon längst an der Zeit!“

9 Dec 2017
CJ5 – housing in urban density, Vienna, Austria
CJ5 Housing Vienna building facade
photograph : Hertha Hurnaus
CJ5 – housing
In its design for the housing project CJ5, Caramel tackles the question of sustainable urban density on the outskirts of Vienna.

8 Dec 2017
mill24, Vienna, Austria
mill24 House Roof Vienna
photo : Hertha Hurnaus
CJ5 – housing
Because of specific composition of the newest project „mill24“ by caramel architects, the urban recompaction, implemented by an expansion of the roof of an early days house, can hardly be noticed from the street area.

Haus D – single family house near Vienna, Austria
Design: Caramel Architekten with absolut-architekten
Haus D Austria Property near Vienna Haus D Austria Property near Vienna
photo : Christian Sperr
Haus D Austria Property – 26 Sep 2016

house e – single family house, Linz, Austria
Haus e Linz
image from architects
house e by Caramel Architekten
Located on the periphery of the city, the plot of land offers a spectacular view of Linz, as long as one builds high enough to be able to gaze over the neighbouring properties. That is why the ground storey lies about 6m above street level – with the pleasant side-effect of allowing the garden area to adjoin the living area on the same level to the west and north, despite the extreme slope.

caramelfahrt Architecture Exhibition, Berlin, Germany
24 Jan – 2 Mar 2013
caramelfahrt Architecture Exhibition
image from architects
Caramel Architekten Exhibition
In their exhibition caramelfahrt (‘journey’), caramel architekten travel on an abstract railroad through a fictional world with two-dimensional caramel projects. the journey through this artificial landscape is visually documented from the engineer’s perspective and transmitted live via beamer.

Caramel Architekten – Latest Design

500 sqm House, Vienna, Austria
500 sqm House
photo from architects
500 sqm House
A family with one child and maybe more to come dreams of moving from their apartment in the middle of the city to a house at the periphery with plenty of green. They envision children playing in the grass, the parents and their friends sitting amongst them, and all around nothing but green, trees, pure nature. The purchased property is a 500-square-meter plot, a grassy meadow with trees.

Am Krautgarten Vienna, Austria
Am Krautgarten Building Vienna
photograph : Hertha Hurnaus
Am Krautgarten Vienna
From an urban development perspective the site is located in a very heterogeneous environment. the corner of the building facing the public traffic area assimilates the main directions of the adjacent buildings. a green zone is produced along the street as a buffer between public and private space.

Caramel Architekten – Key Projects

Key Buildings by Caramel architekten, alphabetical:

AMI Fair Stand, Duesseldorf, Germany
Caramel Architekten with fritz stiper
AMI Fair Stand
photo : caramel
AMI Fair Stand
The AMI Booth – Agrolinz Melamine International, a reusable trade fair booth; designed for K04 in Düsseldorf, October 2004. Concept: with the aim of counteracting the hectic bustle and over-stimulation one finds in the exhibition setting, a “space inside a space” was created, which by virtue of its colors and acoustic properties radiates tranquility and safety and encourages visitors to linger.

Expert Operation Workshop ma 48, Vienna, Austria
workshop ma 48
photo : h. hurnaus
Workshop ma 48
Construction of a central workshop, including office space and a testing hall, after demolition of three existing buildings.

HAK / HLF Krems High School – triple sports hall, Austria
krems high school
photo : dietmar tollerian
Krems High School
The federal school complex, “bundesschulzentrum krems”, which comprises a hotel management school with its own school hotel (“europaschule krems”) and an A- and B-track business high school, was built in the seventies according to the modern functional standards of the time. Due to a serious shortage of space an open, EU-wide, two-stage competition was held in 2001.

House H – single family house, Linz, Austria
interior friedrich stiper
house h
photo : h.hurnaus
House H
Already in 2000, the client completed a project succesfully together with Caramel and Fritz Stiper :
the conversion of the linz- based advertising company “reklamebüro”. The planning team won the federal prize of the region upper austria in the category architecture for this project.

House Kaps – extension of 13th century farm house, Saalfelden, Austria
house kaps
photo : j. felsch + caramel
House Kaps

House Lina – for a mother with a child, Linz, Austria
house lina
photo : caramel
House Lina

House M – single family house, Linz, Austria
house m
photo : otto hainzl + caramel
House M

House P – single family house, Klosterneuburg, Austria
interior di barbara sabine bovelino
house p
photo : hertha hurnaus
House P

Linz09 Infocenter, Austria
linz09 infocenter
photo : dietmar tollerian
Linz09 Infocenter

Operation Workshop Building, Ansfelden, Upper Austria
operation workshop building
photo : hertha hurnaus
Operation Workshop Building

Science Park Linz – Johannes Kepler University, Austria
Science Park Linz
photo : hertha hurnaus
Science Park Linz
Two years after the opening of building 1 and with roughly one year to go until building 3 is completed, the johannes kepler university in linz has inaugurated building 2 of the new, ultra-modern science park, an architecturally eye-catching ensemble equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Voest Visitor’s Catwalk, Linz, Austria
Caramel Architekten with fritz stiper
voest visitor's catwalk
photo : dietmar tollerian + caramel
Voest Visitor’s Catwalk

Wifi Dornbirn, Austria
wifi dornbirn
photo : marcel hagen
Wifi Dornbirn

More projects by Caramel Architekten online soon

Location:schottenfeldgasse 72/II/3, a-1070, Vienna, Austria ‘

Caramel Architekten – Practice Information

Caramel Architekten

Caramel architekten zt gmbh
Office Location: Vienna, Austria + Linz , Austria

Caramel Architekten

Caramel architekten Austria : Austrian Architects

caramel architekten zt gmbh
schottenfeldgasse 72/2/3
1070 vienna
tel. +43 1 596 34 90
fax +43 1 596 34 90 20
kha (at)


A new challenge every time – each project is a new challenge – this is our motto at Caramel architects.

Caramel relies on its successful participation in international architecture competitions and is often awarded contracts and commissions – including its most recent construction projects.

Besides the realization of large projects like Science Park Linz, adidas world of sports west Herzogenaurach, WIFI-Dornbirn, Operation Workshop Building Ansfelden, and Federal School Centre Krems the trio’s members apply themselves to design studies and innovative single family house projects. Idealism and inventive talent play a major role in their designs.

Caramel’s lecture series, courses, and art projects like the contribution for the Austrian pavilion at the architecture biennale 2016 in Venice are the salt in the soup of everyday architectural life.

staff members

di barbara sabine bovelino
di claudia rockstroh
mag. arch. kolja janiszewski
di anna glajc
di reinhard zehetner
di günther litzlbauer
di david lieser
di martina hatzenbichler
di maja nirmala salkic
di soner ertim
di andreea bianca cebuc
petra richter
valérie oswald
marie veis
dominik sellitsch
elisabeth sellmeier

founded in:

Major Projects

Wildgarten – Residential Building – Vienna
Science Park Johannes Kepler University 4th stage of construction – Linz
„mill24“ – Vienna
House E – Linz
House D – near Vienna
„Places for People“ contribution Austrian pavilion biennale architettura 2016 – Venetia
adidas word of sports, office west – Herzogenaurach
Day-Clinic-Center – Wels
Residential Tower Simmering – Wien
House CJ_5 – Vienna
House Siegfried – Timelkam
nordico Stadtmuseum – Linz
Cloud Castle „Feld11“ – Vienna
Science Park Johannes Kepler University – Linz
Single Family House “500m² Living Room” – Vienna
Krautgarten – Residential Building – Vienna
HAK+HLF (Federal School Centre) – Krems
Major Workshops MA 48 Vienna (Municipal Sanitation Department)
“Linz 09” Infopoint – Linz
House m – Linz
House p – Vienna
House h – Linz
Operation Workshop Building Upper Austria – Ansfelden
Voestalpine Visitor’s Catwalk with Fritz Stiper – Linz
House Kaps – Saalfelden
House Lina – Linz
Hypobank/Casino Kleinwalsertal – Vorarlberg
Bar Kessler Kleinwalsertal – Vorarlberg
Inncrystal with Fritz Stiper – Braunau
Advertising Agency with Fritz Stiper – Linz
House Isolde – Korneuburg
Infobox Kleinwalsertal – Vorarlberg
Raiffeisenbank Riezlern – Vorarlberg

Projects Under Construction

Wildgarten – Residential Building – Vienna
House Rock – Vienna
House at a mountain – lower Austria
House B – Vienna
House O – upper Austria
Science Park Johannes Kepler University 4th stage of construction – Linz
Adidas – World of Sports – Stage V – Büro
Residential Building „Sandgrube“ – Linz
Haus D – Korneuburg
“Mill 24” – Vienna
Day-Clinic-Center – Wels
Residential Tower Simmering – Wien
House Baden – Baden near Vienna


School Campus Vöcklabruck – Purchase Prize

Residential building Wildgarten – 1st Prize
Fakulty f. Electr. and Informat. Techn. Campus, Munich Garching – Purchase Prize
IST Institute of Science and Technology Austria – chemistry lab – finalist

Residentiel Building Trollmann Kaserne, Steyr – 2nd Prize
School Centre Gloggnitz – 3rd Prize
BG/BRG (College) Sillgasse, Innsbruck – Purchase Prize
Residential builing complex, “Winklerbahnhof”, Linz – 3rd Prize
Subway station design u5 – finalist
Olympia sports comlex, Seoul– 2nd Prize
redsand Astronomy Center – finalist

Adidas – World of Sports – Stage V – Büro – 2nd Prize
LKH Wolfsberg – 2nd Prize
Education Campus Attemsgasse – Purchase Prize
Traun Center Spinning Factory – 4th Prize
Day-Clinic-Center – Wels

Changing the Face Rotunda Warschau – 1st Purchase Prize
High Tech Campus Villach – 1st Purchase Prize
Austrian Embassy in Bangkok – 2nd Prize
University Coburg – Purchase Prize
Retirement and Care Home in Vöcklabruck – 3rd Prize
UN Campus in Bonn – Purchase Prize

Green Bridge Tervete Lettland – Purchase Prize

Hotel for adults in Hongkong – honorable mention

Federal School Centre Eisenstadt – 3rd Prize
School for Music Niederwaldkirchen – 2nd Prize

Children’s Hospital Schwarzach Salzburg – 4th Prize
Science Center Wels – Purchase Prize

Centre of Justice Baumgasse Vienna – 5th Prize
Bene Rondo Seat Art Wien – Laureate

“Linz 09” Infopoint Linz – 1st Prize
Retirement and Care Home Gaspoldshofen – Purchase Prize

BHAK, BHAS Wiener Neustadt – Purchase Prize
State Library Linz – Purchase Prize
Simmering VHS – shortlisted
Ars Electronica Linz – Purchase Prize

Sigmund-Freud-Clinic Graz – Purchase Prize
KGW Uni Salzburg – Purchase Prize
Federal School Centre HBLA Wels – 3rd Prize
Johannes-Kepler-University Linz Science Park – 1st Prize
Visitor’s catwalk Voestalpine Linz – 1st Prize

Centre for Molecular Biological Sciences Graz – 2nd Prize
College for the Hotel and Restaurant Industry Altmünster – 2012
BIG (Federal Property Association) – Office Building, Vienna – 2nd Prize

Extension LKH (State Hospital) Feldkirch, Vorarlberg – 2nd Prize
Federal School Centre Bad Ischl – 2nd Prize
Extension Hospital Rohrbach – Purchase Prize
Design school Essen, Germany – 3rd Prize
Representation of Public Employees – AK PLUS Vienna – Laureate
School Centre Hollabrunn – Purchase Prize

WIFI Dornbirn, Vorarlberg – 1st Prize
Civic Hall Vienna, music theatre – 3rd Prize
Preschool + Kindergarten Langobarden, Vienna – Purchase Prize
Operation Workshop Building Upper Austria, Ansfelden – 1st Prize
Polytechnic School Wels – Purchase Prize
Living in Old-Maxglan – Purchase Prize
Fire Department Satteins – shortlisted

Transfusion Medicine State Hospital LKH Salzburg – 1st Prize
Schönbrunn Fiat Grounds, Vienna – Special Mention
HAK+HLF (Federal School Centre) Krems – 1st Prize
Special School Schwechat – 2nd Prize

Expert Operation MA 48 Vienna (Municipal Sanitation Department) – 1st Prize Prize
Federal Official Building Korösistrasse, Graz – 3rd Prize
Interspar Linz – shortlisted

Main Library, Vienna – 2nd Prize
Infobox Mittelberg, Vorarlberg – 1st Prize Prize
Traffic Office Kleinwalsertal, Vorarlberg – 1st Prize
FLD (State Finance Direction) and LGK (State Police Direction) Innsbruck – 2nd Prize

Glasbau Seele (soul of glass), Burgenland – 1st Prize Prize
Kindergarten Tisis, Voralberg – Purchase Prize


Until now over 1500 publications worldwide
Autumn 2011: book presentation “Caramel: forget achitecture, Schätzchen”

– bene pixel art – 1 st Prize
– A+Awards (home made) – special mention
– A’design award (home made) – bronze

– s.arch 2016 project award (haus cj_5) – special mention
– ‘häuser award‘ 2016 (haus cj_5) – honorable mention
– best architects 2016 (cj_5) – honorable mention
– DETAIL preis 2016 sonderpreis inside (home made) – special honorable mention
– gebaut „schorsch 2015“ (haus cj_5) – winner

– das beste haus 2015 (haus cj_5) – 1 st Prize Vienna
– geplant + ausgeführt 2015 (haus cj_5) – nominated
– the plan award 2015 (haus cj_5) – nominated

– AIT award House CJ_5 – 3rd Prize
– aluminium architecture prize (sience park)– honorable mention
– geplant + ausgeführt 2014 (haus 500m²) – nominated
– best architects 2014 (linz09) – honorable mention

– interior innovation award (coat rack „inny“) – winner
– “das beste haus” 2013 (house 500m²) – nominated
– “bauherrenpreis 13” (science park part3) – nominated
– ‘häuser award‘ 2013 (haus 500m²) – nominated

– ECOLA award (housing krautgarten) – nominated
– architecture price “farbe struktur oberfläche” (science park – mechatronik) – nominated
– Domico Baupreis (Science Park – Plastics Engineering) – 1 st Prize
– Aluminium Prize (Science Park) – 3rd Prize

– Archip award Moskow/2010 (SciencePark ) best public building worldwide) – 1 st Prize
– “Häuser des Jahres 2011” (house 500m² Living Room – Vienna) – nominated

– „Häuser des Jahres 2010“ (house P – Klosterneuburg) – finalist
– „Häuser award 2010“ (house m – Linz) – finalist

– contractworld award 2010 (Linz 09, best shopdesign worldwide) – 3rd Prize
– “das beste Haus 2009” – category upper Austria (House M) – nominated

– Bauherrenpreis 2006 – House H
– Architekturpreis Salzburg (house Kaps) – honorable mention
– “Häuser award” 2006 (house Lina) – honorable mention

– häuser award 2005 (house H) – honorable mention
– “das beste Haus 2005” category upper Austria (house H) – nominiated
– European architecture award ‘Luigi Cosenza 2004’ (Haus H) – silver plate

– Landeskulturpreis Upper Austria (Reklamebüro)

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