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Featured Buildings by Waro Kishi, alphabetical:

House, Tokyo
Date built: 2005

Hu-tong House, Osaka, Japan
Date built: 2002

Kim House, Ikuno-ku, Osaka, Japan
Date built: 1987
The small house is located in one of Osaka’s downtown areas, where row houses with pre-war plottages line the streets, interspersed with factories and warehouses. For the building, part of a row house was removed. In the site thus created, a double-deck steel construction (with a frontage of one bay of 2.58 m and a depth of three bays of 5.4 m) was erected with a small courtyard at its center. The floors of both the courtyard and the dining room are covered with white tiles, so that both areas form a single space without distinction between indoors and outdoors, when the doors between them are fully opened.
source: architecture practice website

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House in Nipponbashi
photo © Hitoyuki Hitai

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Location:Kyoto, Japan ‘