The Japanese Sword Museum

The Japanese Sword Museum in Tokyo

The Japanese Sword Museum, designed by Maki and Associates, exhibiting some of the best swords in Japan over the last fifty years, has recently moved to a new site due to the physical deterioration of its previous home.

House for Four Generations

House for Four Generations in Tokyo

This is an interior renovation project of an existing two-story timber structure house in Tokyo which was built approximately 40 years ago. The clients, a young couple and the wife’s parents, were already living there before the renovation by tomomi kito architect & associates .

Giant Bubble Installation

Giant Bubble Installation in Tokyo

Mori Art Museum Design recently selected installation design studio ENESS to send their giant Bubble sculpture from Melbourne to Tokyo, Japan. The audience was encouraged to “please touch” the pulsating six meter-wide sculpture, which responded to human touch and closeness with light and sound.

R Torso C Residence

R・torso・C Residence in Tokyo

This house, designed by Atelier TEKUTO, is situated in the center of Tokyo, on a site area of mere 66 sqm. The clients are a married couple both working in the field of chemistry, sharing a passion for architecture and art.

Slide House

Slide House in Koto Ward

Designed by APOLLO Architects, this house, in a residential district in eastern Tokyo, is home to a couple and their young children. The dark grey galvalume cladding blends gently into the surrounding environment, almost as if it has been there for many years.

The Roof House Japan, Fuji Building

Tokyo Architects, Japan – Tokyo Architecture Studios

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Yoyogi National Gymnasium

Yoyogi National Gymnasium, Tokyo

Yoyogi National Gymnasium’s state-of-the-art technology and exacting engineering, along with its elongated sweeping roofline, introduced a new modernism to Japan while still evoking the grace and timelessness of traditional Japanese architecture.