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Sigurd Lewerentz, Architect : Architecture

20th Century Swedish Architecture Practice: Modernist Buildings in Sweden, Europe

Sigurd Lewerentz Architect – Key Projects

Major Building by this 20th Century Swedish Architect

Chapel of the Resurrection, Woodland Cemetery, Enskede, Stockholm, Sweden
Dates built: 1914-34
Architecture competition : 1914
collaboration with fellow Swedish architect Erik Gunnar Asplund
Skogskyrkogården (official name in English: The Woodland Cemetery) is a cemetery located in the Enskededalen district south of central Stockholm, Sweden. Its design reflects the development of architecture from Nordic Classicism to mature functionalism.
Skogskyrkogården came about following an international architecture competition in 1915 for the design of a new cemetery in Enskede in the southern part of Stockholm, Sweden. The entry called “Tallum” by this couple of young Swedish architects was selected.

Sigurd Lewerentz Buildings

St. Mark’s Church, Bjorkhagen
Date built: 1956-60

St. Peter’s Church, Klippan, Sweden
Date built: 1963-66

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Location:Bjarta, Sweden