Kalix River Bridge design proposal by Erik Andersson Architects

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Swedish architecture news – Erik Andersson Architects design proposal for a new bridge over the Kalix River, creating a new public space where people can get closer to the water – new buildings, built environment updates, key property developments in Sweden – Swedish building news, construction design, property images: architecture and architects.

Nobel Center in Stockholm

Nobel Center in Stockholm, Sweden

Controversial building design by David Chipperfield Architects Berlin, already criticised by the King, halted by new centre-right government, upholding Swedish court rule against construction. They ruled that the building “would affect the readability of Stockholm’s historical development as a port, shipping and trading city”.

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Nacka Port Block near Stockholm

Nacka Port Block near Stockholm

Kjellander Sjöberg architects has won the competition for Nacka Port, a new urban district situated in the area between Nacka and Stockholm. The site has previously been identified by Nacka Municipality as a suitable location for a distinct landmark.

Globen in Stockholm

Globen in Stockholm

Ericsson Globe, or Globen as it is commonly known, will be developed into a modern multi-arena and C.F. Møller Architects has been entrusted with developing one of Stockholm’s most famous buildings.