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20th Century Architect, Netherlands – Dutch Humanist Architecture

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Aldo van Eyck Architect – Major Building

Featured building in The Netherlands

Nieuwmarkt – redevelopment: housing, Amsterdam
Date built: 1970-75
Design: Van Eyck & Bosch
Nieuwmarkt Redevelopment
photo © Adrian Welch

Dutch building by Aldo van Eyck, located just south of the city centre

Aldo van Eyck – Key Projects

Key Aldo van Eyck Buildings Designs, alphabetical:

Amsterdam Orphanage, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Date built: 1955-60/61
This is an innovative brick and concrete free plan using repeated modules to form local courts.
The Amsterdam Orphanage was located on the outskirts of the city at the time of its completion. It was commissioned as an orphanage for children of all ages. The programme includes sleeping quarters, a kitchen, laundry room, gymnasium, library, and administrative spaces.

Auditor’s Office, The Hague, The Netherlands
Date built: 1992-97

Catholic Church for Pastor van Ars, The Hague
Date built: 1963-69

ESTEC Centre, Noordwijk, The Netherlands
Date built: 1984-89

Housing for the Elderly, Slotermeer, Amsterdam
Date built: 1951-52

Hubertus House, Amsterdam
Date built: 1973-78

Moluccan Church, Deventer, The Netherlands
Date built: 1983-92

Nagele Primary Schools, Noordoostpolder, The Netherlands

Nagele Village Design, Noordoostpolder

Padua House, Boekel, The Netherlands

Temporary Sculpture Pavilion, Sonsbeek, The Netherlands

Tripolis Office Complex, Amsterdam

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RIBA Gold Medal winner in 1990

Wheels of Heaven Church

Building outside Holland
PREVI Housing, Lima, Peru

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Aldo van Eyck – Practice Information

Aldo van Eyck, Dutch architect
CIAM member + Co-founder of Team 10 in 1954

Nieuwmarkt Redevelopment
Nieuwmarkt housing Amsterdam photo © Adrian Welch

Academic Positions
Amsterdam Academy of Architecture
Delft University of Technology – Professor

As a member of CIAM (Congrès internationaux d’architecture moderne) and then one of the founding members of Team 10, the architect held strong opinions on post-war architecture. Team 10 was formed as a reaction within CIAM around 1953.

Dutch Architects

He was born in Driebergen, Utrecht, The Netherlands. He was a son of poet, critic, essayist and philosopher Pieter Nicolaas van Eyck and wife Nelly Estelle Benjamins, a woman of Jewish and Latin origin, born and raised in Suriname.
He was married to Hannie van Rooijen, also an architect. She assisted him in several architectural projects.

Dutch Buildings
Zonnestraal Hilversum
photo © AW

Amsterdam Architects

Hilversum Town Hall
Hilversum Raadhuis
photo © AW

Amsterdam Architecture

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