Amira Housing

Amirá Housing Development in Queretaro


AMIRÁ occupies a prime location in the City of Queretaro, and overlooks it from the heights of the Diamante neighborhood. The distant surroundings are a visual complement to those nearby.

H Queens Tower

H Queen’s Tower in Hong Kong

Architects: CL3

Dedicated to art businesses, restaurants and retail, the building aims to transform the urban environment by creating a new focus for art and entertainment alongside HK’s historic Pottinger Street.

Bellevue Terrace House

Bellevue Terrace House in Fremantle

Design: Philip Stejskal Architecture

The brief was to improve the relationship between internal and external spaces, and consisted of alterations and additions to an existing 1890’s duplex cottage on Bellevue Terrace.

Mr Goodbar

Mr Goodbar in Adelaide

Architects: Studio-Gram

Mr. Goodbar, a nod to the old world, a smoky, yet elegant bar drawing inspirations from the roots of blues and soul, and all things New Orleans. A good place to sin.

7th Room

The 7th Room in Sweden

Architects: Snøhetta

In the tall pine forest of Northern Sweden, where the tricolored tree trunks stretch up to the soaring crowns, a new addition to the renowned Treehotel has opened.

Pu Zao Restaurant

Pu Zao Restaurant in Yunnan

Architects: Yiduan Shanghai Interior Design

In this architectural project the designer looks at how to break through stereotypes of design under a background of “secular fashion deluge”. The design is inspired by the concept of ‘water’.

The Curve

The Curve in Slough

Design: Colorminium, bblur architecture and CZWG

A dynamic team of architects, designers and consultants are celebrating the completion of the £22m cultural hub project, The Curve, located in the centre of Slough, Berkshire, UK.

Lefroy Road House

Lefroy Road House in Fremantle

Design: Philip Stejskal Architecture

This building is rectangular and has been carved out to respond to sun, wind and views. The materials proposed reflect the familiar local combination of brick and corrugated iron and the clients’ desire to achieve an industrial aesthetic externally.