Cross-Grain House

Cross-Grain House in Bee Cave

Design: Matt Fajkus Architecture

The Cross-Grain House is called so because of its relationship to the unique hill-country setting on which it sits. Dynamic topography establishes a ‘grain’ upon which the major living spaces of the house are arranged.

Tiny Homes in America

Tiny Homes in America

Design: Kasita

Housing Is Broken: Housing in America is broken. While the economy has changed, housing hasn’t. There’s a tremendous need for thinking differently to solve the problem. Kasita is committed to solving the complexities of the housing crisis with an elegantly simple solution.

USA / Mexico Border barrier

US Architecture News: American Buildings

US architecture news – US Architects react to Border Wall Request for Proposals. With President Donald Trump taking further executive action to build the controversial wall across the Mexican-American border, protesters are reacting.

Stinson Beach Lagoon House

Stinson Beach Lagoon House in California

Design: Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects

The site offers a southern exposure to the Seadrift Lagoon and a view to the north of the Bolinas Lagoon. This house creates an indoor / outdoor retreat to share with extended family and friends.

Strass Residence

Strass Residence in Austin

Design: Matt Fajkus Architecture

The L-Shaped configuration of the Strass Residence aims to subtly incorporate itself into the existing neighborhood fabric, while tucking the larger two-story private wing away from the street.

Summit Haus

Summit Haus in Park City, Utah

Architects: Park City Design+Build

With rising carbon emissions leading to global warming, this house strives to show that sensible, good design can create spaces adequate for today’s housing demands while adhering to strict standards.

Das Swartzenreader Haus

Das Swartzenreader Haus in Winchester

Design: Reader & Swartz Architects

This house was originally built in the late 1960’s, with a 4/12 gable roof and a second floor that cantilevered two feet past the first floor. The house sits on the top of a hill, on a small, steep, corner lot, within an established neighborhood.