New Banca di Credito Cooperativo Auditorium

New Auditorium in San Cataldo


The new Auditorium of the Banca di Credito Cooperativo (B.C.C.) “G. Toniolo” in San Cataldo born from the client’s desire to create a public space for cultural events open to the public and for hosting business private meetings.

Oberholz Mountain Hut

Oberholz Mountain Hut in Tyrol

Design: Peter Pichler Architecture

The new hut contains a restaurant and is located next to the cable station Oberholz in Obereggen with direct connection to the ski slope.

House in Forte dei Marmi

House in Forte dei Marmi


The House in Forte dei Marmi, realized by FABBRICANOVE Architetti, is the result of precise attention to the relation between the natural landscape and the built environment.

Pinedo Stealth in San Marino

Pinedo Stealth in San Marino

Design: JFAK Architects

Comprised of three new architectural elements, this project by JFAK is located in the backyard of a typical Mediterranean house in San Marino.

Winery in Chianti

Winery in Chianti

Design: IB Studio

Emerging from an all-embracing hill as it opens over the surrounding vineyards, the project harmoniously integrates with the aesthetics of the Tuscan landscape, sharing its mysticism.

Dynamic Seismic Hotel

Dynamic Seismic Hotel in Napoli

Design: Margot Krasojević Architects

Because Italy has a long history of earthquakes and sadly increasing in frequency, this design has been commissioned to contain and reduce the building’s destruction and fatality as a result of earthquakes in the western province near Naples.

Apartment A157

Apartment A157 in Palermo

Architects: studio DiDeA

The home is 103 square meters and it offers interior elements that serve several functions. The architects decided to give most space to the day zone, to shared with friends, family and each other.

VCS - Unesco Visitor Center Sesto

VCS – Unesco Visitor Center Sesto, Italy

Design: AllesWirdGut, Architects

Three edgy structures provide the new iconic entrance to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Dolomites. Fanning out along the southern edge of the square, the three volumes frame the space.

2016 Global Innovation Camp

2016 Global Innovation Camp in Italy

Design: Estudio Flume

The merger between design, local materials and techniques will be implemented to respond the needs identified in small agro food factories, where people will locally build cells that can grow according to the demand suiting different scales of production.