Villa On The Lake

Villa by the Lake in Austria

Design: Architect Alexander Diem

It is with an impressive private house, a villa by a lake in Western Austria, that the Vienna-based office around architect Alexander Diem first garners the attention of a wider public.

Ningbo Smart City

Ningbo Smart City in China

Design: Paul Davis + Partners

Paul Davis + Partners Hong Kong office has revealed designs for an ambitious mixed-use scheme to be located at the heart of the newly created high tech zone in Ningbo, one of China’s oldest cities.

Easterbrook House

Easterbrook House, Auckland

Design: Dorrington Atcheson Architects

Taking its design cues from the utilitarian forms of a tent and a shed, this Titirangi home for an extended family is a duo of compact buildings that uses a humble set of materials to allow the landscape its rightful place in the scheme.


Urban Planning – Joel Solkoff’s Column

Joel’s Column Vol. II, Number 7

The problem with building cities is knowing how to start.

“Civics as an art has to do, not with imagining an impossible [utopia] where all is well, but with making the most and best of each and every place, and especially of the city in which we live.”–Patrick Geddes

Australian Plantbank

BVN – Architects, Australia


Following the successful merger of BVN Architecture and Donovan Hill the Studio will operate under the singular name BVN.
The future will see more collaborations both in Australia and overseas, particularly in South East Asia and the singular name facilitates clarity around forming these partnerships as the operations expand.

Titanic Belfast

Titanic Belfast, Northern Irish Building

Design: CivicArts / Eric R Kuhne & Associates + TODD Architects

The Titanic Building is a technologically ambitious structure that towers over the Grade A listed 19th Century drawing offices where the Titanic was designed and the slipways where it was built. The façades are clad in 2000 unique three-dimensional aluminium panels, creating an awe-inspiring visual appearance.

Incheon Asian Games Main Stadium

Incheon Asian Games Main Stadium, South Korea

Design: Populous

Construction complete on 2014 Incheon Asian Games Main Stadium

The celebration to mark the official end of construction on the main stadium for the 2014 Incheon Asian Games which begins September 19th was held in Incheon, South Korea on May 7th 2014.

Barin Ski Resort

Barin Ski Resort – Shemsak, Iran

Design: RYRA Studio

Shemshak is the second largest ski area in Iran. This building investigates the interface between nature and architecture. The architectural design process is free and flexible, responding to the surrounding natural forces – snow-covered landscapes and fluid lines of mountains embracing the building.

Northerly Island, Chicago

University of Melbourne School of Design Events

University of Melbourne architecture event

In the third and final ABP Dean’s Lecture of 2014, Jeanne Gang will explore how today’s cities must cope with vast industrial-era spaces. Through the lens of some of her firm’s most recent and noteworthy projects, she will propose how architectural practice might be refocused to help reimagine these territories and initiate transformation.

Subiaco Oval Courtyard

The Subiaco Oval Courtyard in Perth

Design: Luigi Rosselli Architects

Viewed from the street this unassuming family home hides a secret; a cluster of interconnected pavilions with an oval courtyard garden at their centre. The elliptical courtyard, which runs diagonally through heart of the house from the front door to the back gate, is the focal point of the home in terms of both design and use.

Donderen Barnhouse

Donderen Barnhouse in Holland

Design: aatvos

The task of conceiving a private home in the countryside south of Donderen in the North of the Netherlands raises the question as to how far the existing typology is suitable, without resorting to historicizing architecture.

Emperor Hotel

Emperor Qianmen Hotel in Beijing

Design: adam sokol architecture practice pllc

The site of the Emperor Hotel, Qianmen was once occupied by a public bath and so the spirit of bathing and mystery will live on in the new hotel. The design is organized not by spaces and circulation but by emotions and dreams; not by materials and details but by illusions and memories.