Leaf Awards 2015

LEAF Awards in London 2015

We are delighted to announce that the 2015 LEAF Awards has opened up its entries for submission. Leaf Awards 2015 Gala Dinner will be held on the 16th October 2015 in London.

Liget Budapest Project

Liget Budapest Competition Winners

The open, international design competition for the museum buildings to be built in the City Park of Budapest has closed. Almost 500 anonymous projects submitted to this architecture competition. The winners for the three buildings are: Vallet de Martinis DIID architectes, Sou Fujimoto Architects, Középülettervező Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság.

Science Center Berlin

Science Center Medical Technology Berlin

Architects: Gnädinger

The outer shell, an expressive aluminum and glass façade, is unusual for the city of Berlin, and provides a kind of acupuncture of new architecture amongst Berlin’s traditional stone buildings and glassy modernism.

Sandworm Wenduine

Sandworm, Wenduine Structure – Belgian Dunes

Design: Marco Casagrande / C-Laboratory

Sandworm is an organic structure/space/creature realized on the dunes of the Wenduine coastline, Belgium.
The 45 m long and 10 m wide and high installation moves freely in-between architecture and environmental art and is constructed entirely out of willow.

Vedeggio-Cassarate Gallery

Vedeggio-Cassarate Gallery – Lugano Building

Architect: Cino Zucchi Architetti – CZA_Lugano

An environmental sculpture for the city of Lugano: tunnels are “wounds” inflicted on geology to facilitate human movements. Their history is ancient, glorious and gory, but today techniques have been refined to the point of making the excavation similar to endoscopic surgery.

Sugamo Shinkin Bank

Sugamo Shinkin Bank Nakaaoki Branch

Design: Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture + Design

Sugamo Shinkin Bank Nakaaoki Branch is a credit union that strives to provide first-rate hospitality to its customers in accordance with its motto: “we take pleasure in serving happy customers”.

Mirror Houses

The Mirror Houses in South Tyrol

Architects: Peter Pichler Architecture

The Mirror Houses are a pair of holiday homes, set in the marvellous surroundings of the South Tyrolean Dolomites, amidst a beautiful scenery of appletrees, just outside the city of Bolzano.

Hoopers Island Residence

Hoopers Island Residence in Maryland

Design: David Jameson Architect, Inc.

This 2,200 square-foot residence is located on a Chesapeake Bay barrier island near the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, an estuarine marshland ecosystem, and an important stop along the Atlantic Flyway.

ZEB Pilot House

ZEB Pilot House in Larvik

Design: Snøhetta

Snøhetta is an active partner within ZEB. The ZEB Pilot House is a cooperation between Snøhetta, Scandinavia’s largest independent research body SINTEF, ZEB partner Brødrene Dahl, and Optimera.

Margaret Court Arena New Roof

Margaret Court Arena – New Roof

Design: NH Architecture with Populous

The newly revamped Margaret Court Arena has opened to critical acclaim during Week One of its first Australian Open since construction was completed at the end of last year.

Casa Godoy

Godoy House in Jalisco

Design: Hernandez Silva Arquitectos

The house structure is steel, it was built during a situation where this material was at a low price, allowing to build an almost floating house.

Malbaie V House

Malbaie V House in Quebec

Design: MU Architecture

Located in the magnificent region of Cap-à-l’Aigle in the heart of Charlevoix, the Malbaie V residence is part of a unique residential hillside development offering stunning views of La Malbaie, the St. Lawrence River and the surrounding mountains.