Dhaka Metro Line

Infrastructure System for Dhaka, Bangladesh

Design: John McAslan + Partners

John McAslan + Partners (JMP) is developing a $3billion metro project comprising 16 elevated stations and a depot, spanning a 20km route from Dhaka’s residential district in the north to the business centre in the south.

Villa S

Villa S in Schriesheim, Germany

Design: Ian Shaw Architekten

Villa S is a cast in-situ concrete house, dramatically sited on a hillside above Schriesheim, in Baden-Württemberg, in southwest Germany.

Luoyuan Church

Luoyuan Protestant Church in China

Design: INUCE Architecture Design Urbanism

Luoyuan is a fast growing city by the coast of Fujian, a Chinese province famous for its tea production on terraced plantations, its Hakka ethnic minority and their distinct ring – shaped residential architecture, the so called Fujian-Tulou.

Sishane Park

Sishane Park in Istanbul

Design: SANAL arc

Sishane Park is a bold shift regarding the public spaces in the center of Istanbul. Located between the southwestern edge of Beyoglu and Tarlabasi Road, the site used to be a park with a fire station that was connected to the water front before the road with a heavy traffic was built in the 70s.

Oz Residence

OZ Residence, California

Design: Swatt | Miers Architects

The first requirement that the owners, a young couple with three children, expressed was that their new home should have a casual, barefoot feel, like a vacation destination, with strong indoor-outdoor connections.

LV House

LV House in Madrid

Design: A-cero

A-cero presents a new single-family house located in the north of Spain.

With a different aesthetic criteria that characterize the studio managed by architects Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares.

Prince Street Apartment Building

Prince Street Apartment Building, Sydney

Design: Candalepas Associates

When I look at the original sketches, this time in the form of models, this work can now be understood by me to mean precisely that which was originally foreshadowed through observations from the outset.


Mount Litera Zee School

Design: iSTUDIO architecture

A child’s mind is an open book to write new impressions, thoughts and ideas without the presence of preconceived notions and beliefs. What it observes, grasps and understands forms the very basis of an individual’s mindset, which becomes a part of society. Thus a child’s school, teachers and playmates play a very important role in its life, forming lifelong impressions in its mind and directly impacting the future of the society.

Cave House

Cave House in Tokyo

Design: APOLLO Architects & Associates

This is a house for a single person, built in a quiet residential area in Kagurazaka, Tokyo. The exterior walls use dark brown Galvalume steel in a length-wise, lateral direction, in order to blend into the atmosphere of fleshpots surrounded with black board fences.

Villa Savoie

Villa Savoye – Le Corbusier House

Le Corbusier Building, Poisse, north of Paris, France

Updated photos added of this famous Modern building by Corb, also known as Villa Savoie: architectural information in Spanish

Date built: 1929-3


OISTAT Theatre Architecture Competition 2015

The OISTAT Theatre Architecture Competition is an international ideas competition, aimed at students and emerging practitioners, which is organised every four years by the Architecture Commission of OISTAT (International Organisation of Scenographers, Technicians and Theatre Architects). The next competition will be generously supported by and exhibited at the Stage, Set, Scenery conference and exhibition organised by the DTHG (German OISTAT Centre) in Berlin from 9-11 June 2015. Selected entries will be exhibited and cash prizes awarded.