New Open Office Space

New Open Office Space in Mill Valley

Design: Studio VARA

This adaptive reuse project transforms the most banal of commercial box buildings into a light-filled courtyard office space specifically outfitted for a discerning, high-end residential builder with an exclusive clientele.

The Heart of Yiwu

The Heart of Yiwu, An ‘Urban Living’ Plaza

Design: Aedas

Sited in a city renowned for one of the world’s largest small commodity wholesale market, this Aedas-designed project is set to become a one-stop lifestyle urban complex with a combination of large-scale retail, dining and entertainment facilities

Terrebonne House

Terrebonne House in Montréal

Design: la SHED architecture

Born from an extreme transformation of a typical 90’s bungalow, the “Maison Terrebonne” is located on a vast wooded plot of land.

Steel City Container Skyscraper

Steel City Container Skyscraper in Mumbai

Design: CRG Architects

Seeking to explore and investigate the possibility of a temporary adequate housing solution for dwellers of the densely populated Dharavi Slum in Mumbai, India.

Broadgate Quarter Refurb

Broadgate Quarter Refurb

Design: John Robertson Architects

Refurbishment of 214,066 sq ft building at 1 Snowden Street completed in anticipation of owner Hines offering the Broadgate Quarter development for sale.

VMZ House

VMZ House in Londrina

Architect: Ziz Arquitetura

Accustomed to the daily routine of working in an architectural firm, although not an architect himself, our Londrina homeowner has taken an active role in the creation of his home design.

The Fuel Station

The Fuel Station

Design: Foster + Partners

Nissan’s unwavering vision of a cleaner, safer and more user-friendly automotive environment takes another marked step forward with the announcement of a unique project to design and develop the Fuel Station of the Future in partnership with Foster + Partners.

Scottish Poetry Library

Malcolm Fraser Architects

Malcolm Fraser Architects, Edinburgh

This celebrated Scottish architecture studio has announced that it has ceased trading as of August 21 after failing to make its “beautiful and important” work profitable.

New National Stadium of Japan Design

New National Stadium of Japan in Tokyo

The Video Presentation and Report outline in detail the unique design for the New National Stadium which has been developed over two years to be the most compact and efficient stadium for this very special location in Tokyo.


Energy-from-Waste Facility Suffolk

Design: Grimshaw

SUEZ’s new energy-from-waste facility in Great Blakenham has officially opened and already set a precedent for industrial architecture.

Brighton i360

Brighton i360 Reaches Full Height

Design: Marks Barfield architects

Things are looking up in Brighton as the Brighton i360, conceived and designed by Marks Barfield Architects, reached its full height of 162 metres, ahead of schedule.