P048 House in Perth

Design: Dane Design Australia

The cantilevered balcony puts you so close to the beach you can just about make the jump. Shutters clad with sawn timber battens adds a balance of texture to the rendered and glass façades.

Bolton Eco House

Zero Carbon House Bolton – Gary Neville Home

Design: Make

As the first zero carbon family home in the North West, the four bedroom, single storey property is deliberately embedded into the Pennine hillside to minimise the impact on the surrounding views and will have a roof of meadow grasses and flora flowing seamlessly over the property and into the surrounding landscape.

Portland Skyline

Skyline Residence in Portland

Design: Nathan Good Architects

The 1.7 acre site is relatively level and within a mile of downtown Portland. The home was positioned at the far north side of the lot to reduce the impact of noise from the Skyline Boulevard, optimize the daylighting of the sun’s path, and facilitate views from the interior of the home to the yard.

Long Brick House

Long Brick House in Hungary

Design: Foldes Architects

Minimalist design meets everlasting intellectual values. Temple of books shaped into a long brick house in the side of the Big-Proud Peak, Hungary, from Foldes Architects.

Taipei Performing Arts Center

Taipei Performing Arts Center in Taiwan

Design: OMA

Taipei Performing Arts Center Tops Out in Taiwan

Why have the most exciting theatrical events of the past 100 years taken place outside the spaces formally designed for them? Can architecture transcend its own dirty secret, the inevitability of imposing limits on what is possible?

Exmouth House

Exmouth House in Clerkenwell, London

Design: Orms

Orms has completed the transformation of Exmouth House, a 30,000sq. ft factory building in the heart of Clerkenwell. The 1930s structure with its huge windows and brick facades has been upgraded and refreshed into a vibrant office building for the next generation of creative professionals.

Hotel Pupp

Hotel Pupp – Brixen Building

Design: bergmeisterwolf architekten

Pupp Suites, a competition for an important construction site in the city of Brixen, nothern Italy – a new gate leading to the city: the aim was to close a building gap and set up 11 suites.
Because of the displacement different free areas come into existence and because of specific and precisely chosen openings within the 3 structures the interlocking is possible to be experienced in the interior.

Drawing Counterpoints

Alan Dunlop Architect – Glasgow

House for an Art Lover Exhibition : Drawing Counterpoints, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Alan Dunlop & Peter Murray

16 Sep – 27 Oct 2014

This joint exhibition of work by the architect, Alan Dunlop and artist, Peter Murray features new drawings and
paintings that explore their individual approaches to the urban landscape.