Guizhou Concrete Memorial

Concrete Memorial in Guizhou

Architects: West-line studio

The Huangpi Dong combat site, located in Tiantai Town, not far from Chishui City. This area is a well known “red tourism” spot in south-west China.

Huafa City Hub

Huafa & City Hub in Wuhan

Architect: Qin Yue-Ming

The brief was to create a building connected ib style to Wuhan. Research of the local culture was conducted and sparkling ripples in the East Lake after rain inspired the designers and led them to the answer—water.

B.Amsterdam office building by NEXT architects

B.Amsterdam Office Building by NEXT architects

B.Amsterdam is a pioneering business environment for innovative entrepreneurship, co-designed by NEXT architects. They transformed a large, empty 18.000 m2 office building into an ecosystem with numerous facilities to connect startups, creative entrepreneurs and established companies.

Musee Du Louvre Bookstore Giftshop

musée du Louvre bookstore / giftshop

Architects: RDAI Architecture / Gare du Nord Architecture

After two years of work as part of the “Pyramid project”, this new store will occupy the entire Allée du Grand Louvre, between the Carrousel entrance and the Pyramid in early December.

Chetian Cultural Center

Chetian Cultural Center in Guizhou

Architects: West-line studio

The cultural center is located in Chetian Village, in the Guizhou province, in South-West China. The village has more than 400 years of history and is famous for its ‘stone houses’ built with local materials.

Coach House in Toronto

Coach House in Toronto

Design: POST Architecture

The Coach House is named for the history of its site – built where an original, century-old coach house once stood, stabling horses and housing carriages.

VCS - Unesco Visitor Center Sesto

VCS – Unesco Visitor Center Sesto, Italy

Design: AllesWirdGut, Architects

Three edgy structures provide the new iconic entrance to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Dolomites. Fanning out along the southern edge of the square, the three volumes frame the space.

Paddington Cube building London

Paddington Place London Skyscraper by Renzo Piano

Design: Renzo Piano Building Workshop, architects

Approval for architecture design by this celebrated Italian architect. The cube is just a fifth the height of the original 72-storey skyscraper that was withdrawn from planning process after protests.