Castle Rock Beach House

Castle Rock Beach House, Auckland

Design: Herbst Architects

The client is a keen sailor and commissioned a boat shed as stage 1 of the project. This structure acts as gate house to the main part of the site where the bach is situated. The boatshed platform allows for parking.

Car Park House

Car Park House in Echo Park

Design: Anonymous Architects

Starting with a vacant lot with a very steep down-slope from the street, the design of the house places the carport on the roof with the residence below.

Zaha Hadid Exhibition

Zaha Hadid Exhibition in Hong Kong

‘With experimentation, you think you’re going to find out one thing, but you actually discover something else…more than you bargain for’ – critically acclaimed exhibition of early paintings and drawings by late architect Zaha Hadid

Centre Pompidou Paris building pipes

Pompidou Centre Paris Building

The Pompidou Centre in Paris turns forty this year. The anniversary is to be celebrated with preparations for a two-year facelift expected to cost at least €100m. The renovations will include replacing the “caterpillar”, the famous escalators on the front of the building,

Mugu House

Mugu House in California

Design: Stéphane Malka Architecture

The Mugu House embodies a return to the roots of architecture in connection with the natural elements, a dialogue with the mountain and its troglodyte architecture.

Ovatus Towers Liverpool

Ovatus Towers, Liverpool

Design: Hodder+Partners, Architects

£35m 27-storey building, the first of a pair of large-scale residential towers near to Liverpool’s central business district, contains 168 homes. The development sits within the buffer zone boundary of Liverpool’s World Heritage Site.

Bernat Klein Studio in by architect Peter Womersley

Peter Womersley, Architect

Rowan Moore discusses “one of the best British architects of the 20th century”, yet largely unknown around the world: “His buildings are adventurous but poised; lucid, brave in conception and considered in their detail.”

Brooklyn Bridge Park Design

Brooklyn Bridge Park Building, Pier 5

Landscape Design: Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates ; Buildings Design: Architecture Research Office (ARO)

Renderings revealed of the six-acre plot, called Pier 5 Uplands, located between Joralemon and Montague streets.