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page updated 12 Jul 2017

Swiss House Designs

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Swiss Houses. We aim to include houses in Switzerland that are either of top quality or interesting, or ideally both. We cover completed houses, new house designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions across Switzerland.

Swiss House – Latest Property Additions

Swiss Residential Architecture – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

26 Jul 2017
Swiss House XXII, Preonz
Design: Davide Macullo Architects
Swiss House XXII
photograph : Alexandre Zveiger, Lugano, CH

Swiss House XXII in Preonz
The project site lies in the area of urban expansion at the limit of the countryside, north of the historical centre of the village of Preonzo in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland.

Swiss House XXXIV in Galbisio

House in Nuglar, Solothurn, northern Switzerland – 11 Sep 2013
Design: HHF
House in Nuglar
photo : Tom Bisig

House D is oriented parallel to the landscape, thereby making the view a matter of prime importance. Across more than 180 degrees, you gaze over unbuilt, verdant land with mature fruit trees. HHF radically exploits this situation, thematizes it, and accentuates it even more with a few simple moves: The main level is an open space – with the kitchen as well as dining and living areas – and alongside a concrete core, the stair to the upper and lower floors. The space is entirely glazed and blends seamlessly with the space outdoors. The outdoor space itself is an oversized terrace. No more but also no less.

Schaerer Residential Building, Erlenbach, north east Switzerland
Christ & Gantenbein
Schaerer Residential Building Switzerland
photo : Walter Mair

Schaerer Residential Building – 23 Jan 2013
In the centre of Erlenbach, a town on the edge of Lake Zurich, a new housing building has been constructed on the premises of the Schärer Erlenbach company. The former factory, where machines for the textile industry were produced and which used to be so important for the region, has also received a new front building.

House at Zimmerberg, Lake Zurich
Rossetti + Wyss Architekten
House at Zimmerberg
photo © Juerg Zimmermann, Zurich

House at Zimmerberg
The one-story house, which has impressive diagonal views of Lake Zurich and the Alps, is situated on the upper edge of the village, on a longish, slightly sloping site. The construction is defined by a guide wall and angular concrete wall establishing the diagonal panorama towards the lake.

Trublerhütte Schlieren, Zurich
Rossetti + Wyss Architekten
Trublerhütte Schlieren
photo © Juerg Zimmermann, Zurich

Trublerhütte Schlieren

House at Küsnacht, Lake Zurich
Rossetti + Wyss Architekten
House in Küsnacht
photo © Juerg Zimmermann, Zurich

House at Küsnacht

Swiss Houses

Swiss Residential Buildings, alphabetical:

Canobbio House, Lugano, Ticino
Davide Macullo Architects
Canobbio house
photo : Enrico Cano

Canobbio House
Carabbia House, Ticino
Davide Macullo
Carabbia House
photo : Pino Musi

Swiss house
Casa Larga, Incella, Lago Maggiore
Architect: Daniele Claudio Taddei
Casa Larga
photo : Bruno Helbling,

Casa Larga
Comano House, Ticino
Davide Macullo Architects
Comano House
photo : Enrico Cano

Swiss home
Erlenbach House
Burkhalter Sumi Architekten
Erlenbach House
photograph : Heinrich Helfenstein

Erlenbach House
Flumserberg Holiday Cottage, Swiss Alps
EM2N Architects
Swiss holiday house
picture © Hannes Henz

Swiss holiday house
Gross House, Greifensee, north of Zurich
Greifensee House
photo © Hannes Henz

Gross House Greifensee
House in Arosio, near Lugano
Arosio Building
image from architects

Arosio House
House in Ticino
Davide Macullo
Ticino house
photo : Enrico Cano

Ticino house
House in Lumino, Swiss Alps, Ticino
Davide Macullo Architects
Lumino house
photo : Enrico Cano

Lumino House
Rossinelli House, Lugano
Architect: Nicola Probst, Lugano
Rossinelli House
photo : Lorenzo Mussi, Milan

Rossinelli House
Villa Chabrey, Lake Neuchâtel
GeninascaDelefortrie SA Architectes
Villa Chabrey Switzerland
photo : Thomas Jantscher

Villa Chabrey

Swiss Housing

Residential site Cattaneo, Dietikon/Zürich
Holzer Kobler Architekturen
Residential site Cattaneo
image Jan Bitter © Holzer Kobler Architekturen

Residential site Cattaneo
Seewurfel, Mixed-Use Development
Camenzind Evolution
Seewurfel Building
image from architect

Seewurfel Building
Sempacher Loft Apartments
Camenzind Evolution
Sempacher Apartments
image from architects

Zurich apartment building

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