Sege Park Proposal in Malmo

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Sege Park Proposal in Malmo

Masterplan Proposal, Sweden – design by Kjellander + Sjöberg Architects

17 Jun + 10 Feb 2016

Sege Park Proposal in Malmo

Design: Kjellander + Sjöberg Architects

Location: Malmö, Sweden

Kjellander + Sjöberg awarded first prize in design innovation competition

Sege Park

The project It Takes a Block has been announced as the winner for the design innovation competition – The Nordic Built City Challenge – for the Swedish site in Sege Park in Malmö. The proposal has been developed by Kjellander + Sjöberg along with the Danish landscape practices Sted and BOGL, Atkins consultancy and students from LTH. It presents affordable housing based on climate-smart and community-based solutions for liveable and sustainable smart cities.

Sege Park

The winning proposal combines a number of strategies in order to support a sustainable lifestyle with a focus on sharing as a way to reduce resource consumption. There are several common facilities within the urban block, such as a canteen and a cultural centre. The roof terraces are equipped with greenhouses and a water centre with a bath and a laundry room. These shared functions and spaces allow for smaller living spaces whilst maintaining or even improving the living quality.

Sege Park

Open and flexible spaces connected to space-efficient functions are a common theme for both the indoor and outdoor design. The residents are encouraged to use the block and living areas as efficiently and innovatively as possible to suit their needs.

The prize was awarded during the Nordic Built Cities Benchmarking Forum in Helsinki.

Nordic team finalists in Malmö

Kjellander + Sjöberg has been selected as one of the four finalists in the design competition Sharing for Affordable and Climate Smart Living. The competition aims to find climate-smart solutions for Sege Park which will within ten years become Malmö’s new showcase for sustainable urban development, comprising 800 new housing units.

Sege Park Proposal

Sege Park is one of six in the Nordic competition series The Nordic Built Cities Challenge. K + S has together with the Danish landscape practices Sted and Bogl, along with LTH students and Atkins consultancy, developed the proposal It Takes a Block. It focuses on the lifestyle aspects of creating a sustainable society and how it can be supported by the built environment.

Sege Park Proposal

Sege Park Proposal

The second phase of the design competition will be carried out in the spring of 2016, in parallel with a land transfer competition for the area, offering a possibility for collaboration across both processes.

Sege Park Proposal

Sege Park Proposal

The four finalists will be exhibited at the Form/Design Center in Malmö from 3rd February until 6th March 2016.

Sege Park Proposal

Sege Park Proposal in Malmo image / information from Kjellander + Sjöberg Architects

Kjellander Sjöberg Arkitekter

Location:Malmö, Sweden

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Sege Park Proposal in Malmo, Sweden

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