Kaohsiung Station

Kaohsiung Station Building

Design by Mecanoo – as a main arrival point for travellers, the station building sets a new stage for the city’s spirit, values and identity. Arriving from the underground train and metro platforms, the central hall is a sunken plaza that unfolds underneath a bright ceiling of oval-shaped lights.

Taichung Intelligence Operations Center Building

Taichung Intelligence Operations Center

The Taichung Intelligence Operations Center designed by architect Elizabeth de Portzamparc officially designated a winning project. Showcase of the technology and sustainability, architectural symbol thought as a real vertical neighborhood.

Danjiang Bridge

Danjiang Bridge Competition Taiwan

Danjiang Bridge, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, was named ‘Collaboration Project of the Year’ at the Construction Computing Awards 2017. The Danjiang Bridge will be the world’s longest single-mast asymmetrical cable-stayed bridge.

Fluid Mirror Interior

Fluid Mirror interior in Taipei

Waterfrom Design respected and incorporated the pleasing view of a waterfront residence, the undulate waters with ripples therein pass through the semi-circular surrounding windows and become part of the vicissitudes of your daily life.

Boundary Apartment

Boundary Apartment in Taiwan

Architects: Wei Yi International Design Associates

This apartment design has a strong focus on colour. A blue color denotes ‘quiet elegance and deep sensibility’ to correlate with the owner’s ‘state of contentment’. The architecture also uses grey materials and unbright colours to provide a highly restrained style.