Lè Architecture Taiwan tower

Lè Architecture in Taipei, Taiwan

Aedas-designed Lè Architecture in Taipei, Taiwan, wins another architectural award, at CTBUH 2019 Annual Awards – the building’s egg-like shape implies it is an incubator of knowledge and a metaphor of intellectual revival.

Din-a-Ka Residence in Taipei

Din-a-ka Residence in Taipei

The Din-a-ka was a distinct cultural and architectural feature in the early days of Taiwan’s agrarian society. It was the place for social exchanges in rural areas. Wei Yi International Design Associates designed this 160 sqm space displaying an abundant variety of materials.

Taichung Green Corridor in Taiwan

Taichung Green Corridor in Taiwan

Relying on Mecanoo’s 30-years urban planning experience, the design for the Taichung Green Corridor in Taiwan will shape a people-oriented green corridor, complementing the Green River’s waterfront.

Kaohsiung Social Housing by Mecanoo architecten

Kaohsiung Social Housing by Mecanoo

Mecanoo’s Social Housing philosophy focuses on the development of affordable living spaces defined by flexibility, the right balance of private and communal spaces, mixed housing types, connection with the environment and identity: Kaohsiung Social Housing by Mecanoo, Netherlands

Kaohsiung Station

Kaohsiung Station Building

Design by Mecanoo – as a main arrival point for travellers, the station building sets a new stage for the city’s spirit, values and identity. Arriving from the underground train and metro platforms, the central hall is a sunken plaza that unfolds underneath a bright ceiling of oval-shaped lights.