Filter Life Factory in Taiwan

Filter Life Factory in Taiwan

The Filter Life brand specializing in water dispenser production and sales was given a new younger and more fashionable image. Waterfrom Design transforms the perspective of space in the 30-year factory as if it were water.

Taichung World Flora Expo in Taiwan

Taichung World Flora Expo in Taiwan

With the theme of “Viewing Half-Earth through Taichung’s Ecology”, Discovery Pavilion advocates to preserve half of our planet for other species, and reinterpret the ecology of Dajia River. Designed by Cogitoimage International Co., Ltd.

Danjiang Bridge in Taipei

Danjiang Bridge in Taipei, Taiwan

Construction begins on elegant 920m-long Danjiang Bridge in Taiwan designed by Zaha Hadid Architects: US$405m Tamsui River crossing to be world’s longest single-mast, asymmetric cable-stayed bridge, reducing journey times by 25 minutes.

Symbiotic House in Yilan Taiwan

Symbiotic House in Yilan, Taiwan

Symbiotic House is located in the center of farm in Yilan, Taiwan. The house owner is an advocate of nature. So, C.H.I. Design Studio took the spirit of the old saying as the main concept – “one step one footprint”.

Lè Architecture Taiwan tower

Lè Architecture in Taipei, Taiwan

Aedas-designed Lè Architecture in Taipei, Taiwan, wins another architectural award, at CTBUH 2019 Annual Awards – the building’s egg-like shape implies it is an incubator of knowledge and a metaphor of intellectual revival.