Wohnhaus in Stuttgart

Wohnhaus in Stuttgart

Holzer Architekten completely redid the semi-detached house and expand the space with an extra room on both the ground floor and the first floor. Aside from major technical improvements the living space on the ground floor was rearranged completely.

PSLab Studio Workspace Stuttgart

PSLab Studio & Workspace Stuttgart

PSLab designs custom-made and personalised lighting, produced in their in-house factories in Stuttgart and Beirut. Their designers and craftsmen work as partners in a team, in close collaboration with the client. Interaction between design and build is embedded in a fabric of good communication.

House Miki 1

House Miki 1 in Stuttgart

Design: Alexander Brenner Architekten

From the street, the north façade appears largely solid, and gives the impression of a single, detached villa. But two individual city villas were built behind this shared façade, whose different floor plans correspond to the needs and lifestyles of the respective inhabitants.