Lions View House

Lion’s View House in Cape Town

When this two-storey Cape Town property, originally designed by SAOTA, was bought by its new owners, they called for a complete renovation. This left the team of ARRCC interior designers with a challenge that they met head-on and the end result is a statement of architectural and design excellence.

City Villa in South Africa

City Villa in South Africa

Crested on a steep site, ARRCC’s latest architectural design boasts striking city views. Designed as an iconic family home, perpendicularly opposed with cantilevered concrete elements to create a powerful and sculptural composition.

La Lucia in Kwazulu Natal

La Lucia in Kwazulu Natal

SAOTA designed La Lucia. The beach house perfectly balances luxury and comfort with its uncomplicated spaces. Located on the Kwazulu Natal North Coast just south of Umhlanga, the house is gently nestled between protected milkwood trees and enjoys beautiful ocean views

House Invermark

House Invermark in Cape Town

SAOTA’s careful and sensitive alterations and additions have returned the threatened building back to its original state, enhanced its overall composition and significantly refined the living experience to bring it up to date with contemporary living.

Bar Roc

Bar Roc in Bantry Bay

Redeveloped by OKHA Design & Interior, the terrazzo floor and bar counter, the expansive use of solid brass, are reminiscent of the days of the Milanese bar / bistro; terrazzo conveying both classicism and modernity.

Leadwood Loop

Leadwood Loop

Metropole Architects ‘Leadwood Loop’ project has beautiful views out to the Indian Ocean with warm sunlight and shielding from the winds, The swimming pool creates a peaceful area to relax with a natural stone waterfall.

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