Gai-Kodzor Winery

Gai-Kodzor Winery in Krasnodar

The Kleinewelt Architekten team has decided to embrace every function typical for a public facility. “Gai-Kodzor wine is served in any neighbouring restaurant, so it was necessary to come up with some idea that would attract visitors,” says Nikolai Pereslegin.

DD16 Modular Compact House

DD16 Modular Compact House

Designed by BIO Architects DD16 is a prototype of modular compact house and was made for installation in remote places and extreme conditions. The house consists of 2 modules that are made at a factory.

Cosmonavtov Mall

Cosmonavtov Mall in Ekaterinburg

Design: Twelve Architects

Twelve Architects’ scheme for Cosmonavtov Mall aims to transform the shopping mall, replacing the simple, single-entrance buildings that are prevalent throughout Russia with a dynamic, multi-level development.

Constructive Country House

Constructive Country House in Russia

Design: MONOLOKO design

A country house featuring precise geometry and natural materials, the architecture of this private house is a synthesis of natural materials, such as stone and wood, and simple geometric shapes.

The Spit in Nizhny Novgorod

The Spit in Nizhny Novgorod Competition

The Union of Moscow architects invite participation in The Open Architectural and Urban Competition, held within the framework of the International Festival “Eco-Shore”. The Festival is an international annual project for innovative ideas of the urban, architecture and design development of coastal areas.

Bridge on Tatyshev Island

Bridge on Tatyshev Island, Krasnoyarsk

Design: OOO “ADM”, Architects

The bridge becomes a plastic continuation of the dynamic descent from the high bank. Its shape expresses the silhouette of the West Sayan Mountains on the opposite side of the Yenisei River.


Expoforum in St Petersburg

Design: TCHOBAN VOSS Architekten

Built to a design by Evgeny Gerasimov and partners, Tchoban Voss Architekten and SPEECH, Expoforum is now after its completion one of the largest exhibition and congress centers in the world.

House DD2110

House DD2.110 by Pirogovo Lake

Design: BIO Architects

The house was designed and produced for a young couple who went to live in the suburbs of Moscow on Pirogovo lake. A year before, in 2015, they asked us for a compact 40 sqm DublDom house.

Landform House

Landform House in the Tyumen Region

Design: A61 – Architectural Bureau

The start point of this residential house’s design was a sloped site — the house was planned as a dialogue between architecture and landscape.
Approaching to the house’s entrance will make you feel a small dynamic volume.