Dommeldange Housing

Dommeldange Housing in Luxembourg

Design: Metaform architects

When it comes to housing, one of the main problems people are facing in most urban areas today is a need to choose an apartment typology over single-family houses not because of their desire, but out of necessity.

Boos Beach Club Restaurant

Boos Beach Club Restaurant in Bridel

Design: Metaform architects

The new building is interwoven around the existing house, inspired by the Japanese art of origami. It resembles a folded sheet of paper that answers to the program requirements, while creating a relation with the old and opening up to the natural surroundings.

Belle Epoque Maternity Ward

Belle Epoque Maternity Ward in Luxembourg

Design: dagli atélier d’architecture

The Kirchberg Hospital and the Clinique Bohler plan to build a new extension. For the maternity on the 3rd floor, the Clinique Bohler organized a limited competition among several architects, among which were an office from Paris and two from Luxembourg.

Alice Hartmann Winery in Luxembourg

Alice Hartmann Winery, Luxembourg

A new wine center and visitors’ facilities on an estate in Wormeldange, Luxembourg. As a result of extensive international success crowned by awards like the “best of Riesling 2010” and several gold medals, the winery has decided to expand and modernize its facilities.

Contemporary Luxembourg House

Luxembourg House

Design by Richard Meier & Partners. The site for this private house is a sloped, wooded property located in an almost rural area that affords botch seclusion and panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Lalux Building Luxembourg

Lalux Corporate Headquarters, Luxembourg

Designed by architectural firm Atelier d’Architecture et de Design Jim Clemes sa., the new “Lalux” building is certainly striking. 2,500 aluminium louvres installed at varying intervals in alternating shades of gold, brown and bronze lend the building envelope a memorable rhythm. It is this façade of lustrous, vertical elements, whose sinewy elegance evokes the image of ripening corn in a neighbouring field that lends the building its iconic look.

Beim Nessert Cultural and Community Centre building

Beim Nessert Cultural and Community Centre

The community of Bergem needed a new cultural centre to replace the dilapidated community centre. The new building (1200m2) should be built on the same plot (5000m2), next to the old one that would soon be demolished. A majestic walnut tree dominated the remaining free space on the plot.

Recreational Baths Niederanven, Syrdall Schwemm

Syrdall Schwemm Recreational Baths Luxembourg, Niederanven Building, News Syrdall Schwemm Recreational Baths Bathing in Niederanven, Luxembourg – design by 4a Architekten 24 Apr 2011 Syrdall Schwemm Recreational Baths C.N.I. Syrdall Schwemm Recreational Baths Location: Niederanven / Luxembourg Golden Eye-catcher Design: 4a Architekten The new Syrdall Schwemm school and recreational baths in Niederanven has numerous attractions…