Bahcekoy House in Istanbul

Bahçeköy House in Istanbul

Habif Architects designed Bahçeköy House. The main motive of our concept is to have capaciously open spaces for living areas and link the interior with the exterior through large Windows and terraces.

Real Merter in Istanbul

Real Merter in Istanbul

Real Merter which was designed by TAGO Architects in Istanbul, merges the residential area with a commercial life in a unique design concept that brings comfort to its near neighbourhood with its public areas integrated with green spaces.

Validebag Konaklari Sales Office in Istanbul

Validebag Konaklari Sales Office in Istanbul

Validebag Konaklari Sales Office was designed by Studio Vertebra in Istanbul. It allows its visitors not only to experience the house but also the district that they would be residing in; while making its presence exclusively felt with its remarkable vertical form.

Positive Energized Office

Positive Energized Office in Istanbul

Burda Bebek company’s office is situated in Istanbul and has an area of nearly 500 square metres. Together with colours that reflect its corporate identity, the office was designed to be modern, integral and functional by Istanbul based nord architecture design.

New Istanbul Airport Building Design

New Istanbul Airport Building Design

Lead design: Scott Brownrigg with Fonksiyon + TAM/Kiklop

The İstanbul New Airport infrastructure project in Turkey aims to become the first and largest infrastructure project outside North America to obtain Envision® sustainability verification.

Demirci Restaurant

Demirci Restaurant in Istanbul

Design: Caglayan Architects

Demirci Restaurant designed by Caglayan Architects an Istanbul based interior design studio, offers its customers an escape from the metropol life while it enables them to take a ‘delicious’ tour to the past in a harmonized space with the historical atmosphere of old town.

Şişli City Hall building Istanbul |

Şişli City Hall Building, Istanbul

Design: Boran Ekinci Architects

Şişli City Hall is located in Şişli, one of the most busiest center of Istanbul. The building is surrounded by school buildings, rises as a welcoming image at the intersection of major road junction.

Parkorman Masterplan Istanbul by Dror

Parkorman Masterplan Istanbul by Dror

Design: Dror

Existing green spaces in Istanbul are few and far between. When considering the approach for a park located six miles north of the city center, we asked ourselves: how do we draw strangers-to-nature to this destination?