3D Printed Housing in Mosul

3D Printed Housing in Mosul

5 Farming Bridges design by Vincent Callebaut Architectures, Paris – Rebuilding Iraq’s Liberated Areas: Mosul’s Housing: Rifat Chadirji Prize 3rd Place – Competition on the Tigris River 55 000 3D-printed homes.

Rifat Chadirji: The Unknown Soldier Monument, Baghdad

Contemporary Iraqi Architects

An Iraqi Architect on Hold? Get in Line!
Salt-and-pepper haired in a black turtleneck with a refined taste in the arts, literature, wine, and minimalist Japanese cuisine; architects are perennial emblems of human perfection. And when they die, their souls only leave their bodies to inhabit the buildings they’d designed…

Al Qasim Green University building design

Al Qasim Green University, Iraq

The New Campus is located close to Al Qasim, in the Babil province of Iraq. The program of the newly established University shall be based on Green Technology Educations, comprising five colleges.

New Iraqi Parliament Complex – Building

New Iraq Parliament Building, Project, News, Design, Property, Image New Iraqi Parliament Complex : Competition Iraqi Parliament Development – design by Assemblage Architects 10 Jan 2013 New Iraqi Parliament Building Design: Assemblage, Architects Project: New Iraqi Parliament Complex – Competition win Client: Iraq Government image from architects Announcement Assemblage has won the international architecture competition…

Basrah Stadium – Iraq Football Building, Iraqi Soccer Stadium

Basrah Stadium, Iraq Building, Project, Photo, News, Design, Property, Image Basrah Stadium Iraq : Iraqi Soccer Arena Sports Arena Development Iraq – design by Jordan + Bateman Architects 3 Jul 2009 Iraqi Soccer Stadium – Development Proposal Design: Jordan + Bateman Architects A British construction consortium are awaiting a final decision from the Prime Minister…

New University Accommodation Iraq – Building

University Accommodation Iraq, Building, Project, News, Design, Property, Image New University Accommodation Iraq Iraqi Education Development – design by Jordan + Bateman Architects in Iraq 3 Sep 2009 Iraq University Accommodation 2009- Design: Jordan + Bateman Architects Jordan + Bateman Architects, working as part of a consortium has prepared this design proposal for new University…