Hilbert's Hotel in Helsinki

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Hilbert's Hotel in Helsinki

Hilbert’s Hotel in Helsinki

Architects: Snøhetta

Hilbert’s Hotel will be a new beacon of Helsinki, recognizable not only for the environment created for hotel guests and employees, but also for the qualities afforded the public at large.

Loyly Sauna

Löyly Sauna in Helsinki

Design: Avanto Architects Ltd

Communal saunas used to be typical in most major cities in Finland, but now that most new homes have a sauna of their own, the number of public saunas have diminished greatly.

Hilbert's Hotel in Helsinki

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Guggenheim Museum Helsinki Design

Guggenheim Museum Helsinki Design Competition

Design: THEEAE LTD (The Evolved Architectural Eclectic Limited), architects

“The Creation of Architectural Garden through a Form of Broken Ice: The environment present in the city is the cityscape that creates the characteristic of the town. It is a form of elevation that our eye can capture.”

Time Machine old photos Helsinki City Museum

City Museum in Helsinki

Design: Arkkitehdit Davidsson Tarkela

Helsinki City Museum to open their new flagship museum on 13 May 2016 in the historic Tori Quarters. The opening programme of the new Helsinki City Museum has been designed to bring history to life and create the feeling for visitors of walking back through time.

Villa Lumi

Villa Lumi in Nummela

Design: Avanto Architects Ltd

Villa Lumi is bordered from three sides by streets. The incoherent suburban environment doesn’t provide any interesting views or starting points for the architecture. This is why the building turns around a courtyard.

Helsinki Link Library building design

Helsinki Link Library Finland Building

The 70mx70m footprint of the proposal creates three broad faces of the library to public access, with the east face dedicated to services. This floor-plate emphasizes strong connection and interaction on the ground floor of the library for visitors coming from the north park.