Adam White Landscape Institute President

Landscape Institute Campaign

President of The Landscape Institute, garden designer / landscape architect Adam White, launches new campaign showcasing the different career choices and opportunities in the landscape profession, as it faces an urgent and growing skills shortage.

Rental Housing in UK

Risks Construction Workers Face

Risks Construction Workers Face – working in the construction industry involves several risks that can cause major injury or even death in some cases. The Bureau of Labor And Statistics report over 900 workers died in the construction business in 2015.

TWA Hotel at JFK Airport New York

AERIAL FUTURES: Urban Constellations

A short film looks at complex interface between city and its airports, created on the occasion of the AERIAL FUTURES: Urban Constellations think tank in New York City: it asks how these fragmented constellations can be reimagined more holistically.

Tianjin Binhai Library

Do We Need Libraries?

“Libraries are the thin red line between civilization and barbarism”, said Neil Gaiman: back in my school days I was a regular visitor to the library, but when was the last time I visited a library to borrow a book? It must be over two decades ago, so clearly I don’t value libraries. But I do, I think, just somehow they have slipped me by.

Rental Housing in UK

Internal Doors to Match Your Interior Design

Internal Doors to Match Your Interior Design – Wooden doors have been used in interiors for centuries and provide a classic finish that will ground your interior design through years of redecorations to come. For a traditional look, an oak or a pine door paired with cast iron accessories creates a rustic look – perfect to finish off a shabby chic look.

Avenue Apartments

Sea and Architecture

Sea and Architecture, article by celebrated Brazilian architect Carlos Teixeira – new buildings by OOIIOO Architects & Elenberg Fraser – Unbalance Hotel in Lima, Peru & Avenue Apartments, Melbourne, Australia