Sea and Architecture

Sea and Architecture, article by celebrated Brazilian architect Carlos Teixeira – new buildings by OOIIOO Architects & Elenberg Fraser – Unbalance Hotel in Lima, Peru & Avenue Apartments, Melbourne, Australia

Heavy and Light Lights

Article by Celebrated Brazilian Architect Carlos Teixeira – projects from two countries whose architecture is not quite familiar for us (speaking from Brazil). The first is abstruse and heavy and carries an unbearable burden of history; the other is light and green and cozy – Žanis Lipke Memorial Museum + 3×9 house, HCM

Citizen Fitness Center in Heping District, Tianjin

Citizen Fitness Center in Heping District, Tianjin

Even to the untrained eye, Chinese architecture is one of the oldest and most recognizable styles in the world. Taking shape in East Asia over many centuries, Chinese building designs have spread to other Asian countries, influencing the architectural styles of Vietnam, Korea, and Japan.

London Garden Bridge across the River Thames

BRE News

BRE news – Ethical and sustainable construction champion Dr Shamir Ghumra takes on a new role at helm of BREEAM – the leading international portfolio of sustainability standards that has been driving global improvements in buildings and infrastructure for over two decades.

New TowerMark XL

New TowerMark XL

New TowerMark XL – Easy loading / unloading operations, made to facilitate the operations of loading/unloading of very heavy items; in fact, it is fitted with an external carriage and an internal ball table, which are a help to the operator when doing that job.

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Casa de La Flora

Architects Inspiration

In the old days, major designing works and corrections were done in situ and there were numerous human lives standing behind constructions that we currently consider the masterpieces of architecture. Living in the world of advanced technologies, modern architects have a whole variety of tools and devices in their disposal.

Office Clearance, Workplace Interiors

Office clearance, workplace interiors – For many persons the office becomes their second home. Nonetheless, this also means that it can become crowed at times. If there is a lot of stuff in your office this might affect your overall productivity. You will discover that a clear office makes you feel better and your work will improve as well.

RCM exhibition at Ecobuild London

RCM exhibition at Ecobuild London

RCM exhibition at Ecobuild show in London – Cemboard: rigid, medium density, high-performance cement bonded particle building board – RCM exhibition at Ecobuild show in London, ExCel Stand, wall solutions provider.