United States Access

It is no secret that the actual president of America, Donald Trump, has managed to complicate things when it comes to US access, especially for minorities. His proposed ban on Muslim visitors raises serious questions about the future of the United States the things that are about to come.

Kurpaty Health Resort building in Yalta

Brutalist Buildings – Architecture

Many Brutalist buildings are criticised for their rugged and unappealing appearance. We highlight this architectural movement via a selection of the best examples around the world. These structures serves as great alternative tourist attractions for the more design-curious travellers.

VVIP Circuit House Pune Building

Building Climate Control Design

“Sustainable architecture urgently requires new materials if it is to live up to the high energy efficiency and climate protection requirements”, says the chemist, forest scientist, and materials researcher Professor Cordt Zollfrank.

Premier Inn Pacific Quay-Glasgow building

BIM Objects and Building Products

If BIM is Virtual building construction, BIM objects are the virtual designs of properties glorifying building construction in a virtual environment: “You cannot build anything without construction materials”. BIM-ready models, too, cannot be as-built without BIM objects.

White Z Veranda Shanghai Building

Home Shutters, House Window Coverings

Many homeowners are now installing shutters to their homes. Why? Shutters are becoming more and more popular because of its many benefits. Not only it protects your windows and doors but it adds a personal touch to improve the appearance of your home.